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L.A. Workout Complaints & Reviews

L.A. Workout - California, Camarillo / Unauthorized bank account deductions

Sep 05, 2012

LA Workout will continue billing you indefinitely-- for childcare as well-- long after your membership has ended. I am, by far, not the first to have her bank account embezzled by these people. A class action suit is necessary. Thugs without a conscience cannot be reasoned with, I have found, and will mug people forever if they are not stopped. The owner of the Camarillo facility is well known in the area as a crook. He claims that his charlatan practice is standard, but it is not. The Los Angeles facility itself ceases to bill customers as soon as their membership has ended. I have twice...

L.A. Workout - California, Camarillo / Allowing a canceled membership to keep getting billed.

Feb 01, 2012

My ordeal with L.A. Workout... I was a member for approx.10 yrs. It started out with tiny rumblings from members sharing with other members. Then it grew, I have read about and heard about the shenanigan's that began occurring over the course of the last few years with regards to suspected shady business ethics as well as suspected shady employees. I started hearing the horror stories of accounts being over-charged, in some cases double billed. These were folks that were current paying members in good standing that thankfully had been vigilant enough to catch these unwarranted charge...