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LA Police Gear Complaints & Reviews

LA Police Gear - California, Valencia / Scam, Sent Wrong Size Shoes

Feb 14, 2011

Bought a pair of 5.11 Tactical Shoes/boots, and they sent a mismatched pair, in two different sizes! I had to send them back at my own expense and have a feeling I will need to contact my credit card company to reverse this charge, since I don't think they are receptive to honest returns. Avoid this online business.

LA Police Gear / Horrible customer service


Horrible customer service. I have been a long time customer who has spent quite a bit of money with them. I ordered two pairs of pants which were to come with two belts. I indicated the size I needed for the belts, but they sent belts that are TOO small. I called to exchange and they stated they would not exchange belts becuase it was special offer - well the reason I made the purchase was because the belts came with the pants if they are too small they are useless. The price of losing a good customer and having that ex-customer tell all his buddies on in his department about LA Police Gear's bad customer service = cost of shipping two replacement belts.

LA Police Gear - New Jersey / FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY


The ### took my money and sent me an empty box when I filed a dispute with VISA they retaliated by giving visa a tracking number that was sent to me showing it was signed by me. Now I am out over $125.00 and Visa sided with these idiots. SCREW YOU LA POLICE GEAR

LA Police Gear - California / Misleading Advertising - Shady Shipping Charges


Confusing policies - Website is NOT live, therefore, you may be ordering something they will not ever have in stock again as it has already been sold out. To get around this inconvenience, they state in a policy that "your order may be canceled without notice" - HEED this warning, especially when ordering other items to "maximize" your shipping dollar. I ordered a pair of [email protected]$19.99 and two [email protected] each. Total shipping for the two items was $9.24 my boots were canceled without notice, tax was adjusted but the shipping wasn't. So guess how much my two $0.99 hats cost me? $11.38 - what a...