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Kymaro Body Shaper Complaints & Reviews

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Kymaro Body Shaper - Washington / I Found a Better One

Kritter Lover on Oct 12, 2012
Ok, I was so excited to get my Kymaro shaper because the ad showed these amazing before and afters. What they didn't show was that this thing slides up from the bottom and digs into my middle. I guess when your shape doesn't fit in the normal range (my hips are narrow compared to my middle and I have to buy a different size for the top and another size for pants, plus I'm really tall) it can't fit right, which means of course that it's horribly uncomfortable and does't do the job I bought it for. I tried another brand that came up in my search at...

Kymaro Body Shaper - Texas / What is that smell?!

SharonInTX on Dec 5, 2011
I bought this Kymaro Body Shaper from Big Lots for $15.00. When I opened up the box and tried it on I noticed a "smell" but figured it would wash out. I read the care instructions which state to wash in cold and hang dry, which I did TWICE and it STILL SMELLS! This is not a "new bra smell" like some others have stated. This is a foul fishy smell, the kind you don't want people to smell when your wearing it if you know what I mean. What am I supposed to do with this??????

Kymaro Body Shaper / Didn't work for my odd shape

Battle of the Bulge on Feb 7, 2011
I was hoping this would suck in my big gut and give me somewhat of a shape, but after getting a top that fit in the middle and hung around my hips, and one exchange, I decided that it's hopeless trying to get something that fits from the Kymaro. I am a 2X in the middle, and somewhere between medium and large in the hips...plus I'm really tall. I'm unusual, but for people like me that don't fit the norm it's impossible to find a ready-made shaper to work. I've only found one place that makes them custom to fit my body (www.skinnycami.biz), and it's a miracle...

Kymaro Body Shaper / Did not send right sizes

Surgtech95 on Feb 1, 2011
I ordered kymaro jeans from the t.v.ad. I opted to receive the camo top and bottom shaper for $10.00 each. When I received them, The jeans were my regular size that I wear. They recommend on their website to buy a size smaller. The camo was sized 3x and the bottom shaper was XL. The jeans seemed to fit o.k. so I washed them hoping they would shrink. After wearing them for a little while, they stretched out and looked baggy. The company does not take back jeans that have been washed. The camo should have been a size XL, not 3X. I feel the t.v. ads are deceiving and should be taken off the air.

Kymaro Body Shaper / Bad product and no refund

I wish I had known about this site before I made the online purchase. The product is not at all what they advertise. It actually would make one look bigger because of the bulky material. I tried the top portion on and put it back in the box. Sent it back with Return Receipt Requested. They received it and charged me $39.80 return stocking fee! My credit card company could not help me out either. Don't buy this product. Can't even find a customer service site on line and you will be on the unanswered customer service line for over one hour.

Kymaro Body Shaper / Terrible products & service

TERRIBLE product and even WORSE customer service! I purchased the Kymaro Body Shaper and Cami from the infomercial. I paid $29.95 for the body shaper and the offer said the cami was only $9.95. As soon as I received the product, I tried it on. First, the material is very uncomfortable. It is made from a stiff mesh material and scratchy against the skin. Second, the body shaper and cami are too long and rolls up from the bottom every time you move or sit down. The infomercial claims it does not do this - UNTRUE! I certainly did not look "10 to 20lbs thinner". I am 5'6" and 140lbs, and it...

Kymaro Body Shaper / Not as described

I ordered the Kymaro body shaper in June to have for my wedding the end of August...well, firstly, I did not receive it until AFTER my wedding and seondly, when I did try it on it really didn't do anything for me (yes, I did order the correct size). It sucked in my tummy a wee bit and was horribly uncomfortable at the side of the bust. This is a real rip off for $80! I am afraid to return it as I have seen other postings saying they only got back a portion of what they had paid. This really is false advertising in my opinion.

Kymaro Body Shaper / false advertising, scam

On this infomercial they have a obese woman who is measured with a waist of 40 inches. The woman or a bad actor state "to many donuts". After the woman tries on this Kymaro body shaper she is so excited she went down 2 belt sizes. The sales rep tells this very overweight woman to "keep her donuts". With the skin tight Kymaro shaper on and the skin tight shirt it does nothing to help her. Then they add in the boyfriend (probably another bad actor) who states she is "gorgeous" and will take her to dinner and "shopping". These two people look like complete fools. This product cannot instantly...

Kymaro Body Shaper / Kymaro does not refund purchase price if product is returned

What a scam! I paid a total of $59.80 ($49.85 + $9.95 shipping = $59.80). The body shaper is $39.95 and they only refunded $29.95! I understand not refunding the $9.95 shipping cost, but since ALL items were returned (trust me, they don't live up to the hype!) the $49.85 should be refunded. I was ripped off! They trick you into buying the free items because they charge you a $9.95 processing fee for them. Stay as far away from this company (Kymaro) as possible - the body shaper is a rip off!

Kymaro Body Shaper / Amazingly worthless

I gave birth 9 months ago and have a lil pudge...bought the Kymaro body shaper. It was hard as heck to "step into it". I had to cross my legs and try to pull it over my 31" waist. It was hard to breath in, and now my pudge looked like I was pregnant all over again. Ticked I tried removing it..I couldnt!!! I had to cut it off. The sizing was all wrong I bought a medium 32b and no wonder it fit there since it didnt support or cover my bust how the overweight girl in the infomercial became "instantly slimmer" is most likely a result of smoke and mirrors.

Kymaro Body Shaper / Don't buy this cr*p

Having read the complaints posted but still being curious, I ordered this from ebay. As accurately stated in the description, I received the top and bottom marked 'returned' shipped for $23 total. Though stamped 'returned' on the garments, they appeared never-worn and in a sealed package. Since the seller clearly stated on her website she does not accept returns (and at these prices I don't blame her, it wouldn't be worth the trouble) before ordering I emailed her my measurements and thanks to her assistance was able to order the right size (my guess would have...

Kymaro Body Shaper / Bad construction

The product is OK, but the one that crosses in the back for posture cuts under the arm so much that it's painful to wear - and proabably dangerous for your health long-term. If you wear it more than a couple times, it stops holding you in and conforms to your bigger self. It also rolls at the bottom which gives you a bulky look. It is light weight, but that's the only plus. There are far better products out there and I'm sorry I didn't log into this site first before placing an order. I would never buy it again.

Kymaro Body Shaper - Pennsylvania / not everything I thought it was

This was not everything they had made it out to be. I bought mine Kymaro Body Shaper at a Weis store, from what I read by others complaints I saved a ton of money. My body shaper works, meaning it does suck me in more than i did alone, it also slimed and smothed me a bite but not much unlike the ad had shown I only slimed 3inches but on the ad they were losing a lot more. I also hate that I couldn't pull it over my hips, so the way I have to get it on and off is by removing my bra and that sliping it over my head and pulled it down than put my bra back on and slip my arms in the straps.

Kymaro Body Shaper - North Carolina / it works for me

i just bought the kymaro new body shaper and i will tell you I LIKE IT why do i like it well it did help smooth out my fat rolls. lol i got a lot of them. i just had a baby and i am losing the weight this just helps smooths out my tummy. my waist is 42 and it went down to a 39 and my hips 52 and it went down to 48. i still did have some rolls on my back but not as bad as it was before, being short and over weight you tend to be everywhere. it was hard to put on and to get it over my big damn butt but once it was in place it is comfortable and finally no wires so i can bend over and BREATH and it...

Kymaro Body Shaper / poor fit

I have a weird shape, tried the Kymaro (didn't fit) and searched all over for something that will do the job, and found one I LOVE. It's at www.skinnycami.biz I think their company is small, 'cause they get to your order right away and ask questions to make sure the fit is right. Even tho I'm short I needed a tall. OMG...I'm SO pleased with the results.

Kymaro Body Shaper / Stop the scams

Warning to consumers! This is such a rip off. Do they really think this crap will fit ON my body?? Nice idea, but just not practical!! I did get some money back after a few hours on the phone though. FYI: I did find something that does work reall well--skinnicami.biz!!! Check this out--and pass it on. so something good did come out of all this mess. :)

Kymaro Body Shaper - Arizona, Phoenix / Waste of Money

I'm so mad at myself for wasting my money on Kymaro--- I’ll tell you where to find an awesome slimmer that actually fits really good and isn't a rip off. The seller is very helpful…takes your measurements to get the exact size. She has all these different lengths and different sizes. I think she makes them. I can’t say enough good about them. Go to www.skinnycami.biz

Kymaro Body Shaper - California, Irvine / Product a Joke/Got your money

I placed my order Kymaro Body Shaper it came to $89.70 when I returned it, I got a refund of $39.95. When I complained and believe me I complained loudly they stated the other was for shipping, handling and processing...no where on the page did I read this. To top it off I had to spend $13.21 to return as they do not provide return labels...thus far I am contacting the Attorney General in NC, BBB of California. Now I probably will never get my money, hopefully the AG will see the $50 as being in accesses charges. There product is a joke, it is beyond nothning I have ever seen such junk and am...

Kymaro Body Shaper - California / Refund

I wish I had seen this complaint website before I ordered the Kymaro Body Shaper as I would never have ordered from them if I had seen it. I was not happy with the product when I received it and wanted to return it for a refund. My total cost for the product was $86.73, but am only being refunded $43.28. My original shipping cost was $9.95. I believe this is the way the company makes their money, by keeping the refund owed you for themselves. Nothing is "free" as they make their sales pitch on the infomercial and it certainly doesn't cost over $40 for shipping. I even had to pay for...

Kymaro Body Shaper / Bad experience

This merchant does not live up to its advertisement of an easy return if you are not satisfied. I was not satisfied with the merchandise and immediatley returned it. I followed the return directions and mailed it UPS. That was over three weeks ago and I have not heard from them. The phone is not answered and e-mails have not helped. I contacted my Credit Card Company and disputed their charges. I dealt with this merchant in good faith but the merchant did not. I will not do business with ubuyEZ Kyaro in the future and I will tell others of my bad experience with this merchant.
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