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Kryptos Rewards Complaints & Reviews

Kryptos Rewards / Scam company run by criminals

Jul 28, 2014

Kryptos Rewards is the latest scam run by Pacific International Gaming Limited. Kryptos rewards was set up by career criminal and con man Glenn Connelly with help from Matthew Tripp. Vince McDonald (lying old prock) denies all knowledge of criminal activity – sure Vince you could not lie straight in bed. Very close links between PIGL, Kryptos and the disgraceful Phoenix Global who are involve in many scams on the Gold Coast. Do not deal with these people they are being investigated for STEALING 6 million dollars of their own clients money. They are all dishonest an this is a massive scam just starting.

Kryptos Rewards / Scam company set up to defraud

Jul 18, 2014

Kryptos Rewards is run by Kryptos Gaming and if people really knew who was behind the MLM scheme they would not go anywhere near it. Kryptos Gaming is part of Pcific International Gaming Limited which is being investigated for the LOSS of over 6 million dollars of their own clients money. As they are based in Vanuatu good luck getting any money back. Vanuatu allows criminals and con men to start up gambling sites - as long as you can pay the right people you get a license. Stay clear of any PIGL company they are all bad news. This includes VIPBET, Platinum Odds and Kryptos gaming. You will get ripped off