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Kronos/Unicru Complaints & Reviews

Kronos/Unicru / Broken web apps, security risks


Application blocks users of other browsers and OSes, like Firefox on GNU/Linux. It can be bypassed by using the User Agent Switcher extension <> on Firefox, but no one should ever have to do this. This is one of the worst practices of bad web design. A web application built to standards <> shouldn't have to worry about compatibility, anyway. Worse, they recommend installing out dated browsers that pose a security risk to users, they don't support a single modern browser! Supported browsers are Internet...

Kronos/Unicru - Georgia, Atlanta / Job Applications/Discrimination


I recently applied for a Pharmacy Technician position at CVS Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia. I had to apply about 8 or 9 times before saying "screw it." Why? Well, gee, I don't know. Let's ask the lousy excuses for human beings who created and operate KRONOS/UNICRU. And let's ask the lazy, cheapster corporate drones at CVS corporate headquarters who thought it would be a grand idea to partner up with Kronos/Unicru! Evidently they like to discriminate against well qualified applicants on the basis that they don't prefer "being in a big crowd." Has anyone else been...