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krestar contracting Complaints & Reviews

krestar contracting - Pennsylvania, patton / drug abuse


while working for shawn krestar at krestar contracting i was surprised to see shawn and his brother shane crushing and snorting perscription pills on the customers property.shawn sub-contracts for mihalko contruction from altoona pa. im sure they would not be happy with his and his crews actions of illeagal drug use on the job site.then to top it all off he owed me 1100.00 dollars for two weeks worth of work.he gave me 400.00 dollars and told me thats all the hours i have.that is totally false cause i was there every day and times he was.he couldnt pay me because ha had to pay his dope...

krestar contracting - Pennsylvania, patton / illegal drug use


shawn krestar owner of company along with is brother shane and a few of the workers have no problem crushing and snorting perscription pills on the property of the customer who is getting work done. krestar gets his jobs from mihalko construction from altoona. im sure they would not stand for their sub-contractors doing illegal perscription drugs on the properties of home top it all off he couldnt pay me my wage because of his addiction.then he fired me when i confronted him about it.