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Knight Transportation Complaints & Reviews

Knight Transportation / They have elimination clauses, so be careful

Oct 18, 2015

Guys, before you hire the company Knight Transportation, check all their elimination clauses. When I hired them, no one told me that they would refuse to take any items or furniture. When they arrived to pick the items, they started to sort it, and I was shocked. The rep told me that I needed to check their elimination clauses and heard about them for the first time. They must warn their customers about it.

Knight Transportation / Bad service


Wow, thought it might have been a good outfit 2 work 4. Most things are ok but the equiptment is pure junk. Turned down the first 3 trucks. stinky, smelly, dirty, broke down pieces of *** 4 sure. Having u running with trucks that would not and cannot pass any inspection and could care less if they do. Been to 3 of their shops and talk about dum ***, these grease monkeys could not find or fix a dam thing... Have not found A TRAILER yet that was not in need of repair. Was in a yard when DM said find an empty. Yea right, of the 32 in the yard not a dam one was travel ready, flats, blow outs, missing door latches, you name it they have it. Simply *** equiptment...

Knight Transportation - Pennsylvania, Carlisle / Terrible experience


I worked for knight for 2 years. In august they kept me out for 6 weeks. Right before labor day I got back to my terminal in Carlisle, PA. That was the wednesday before labor day. When asked what day I would be ready to go back out I said Tuesday after labor day. They said I could only take four days off since that was company policy. I said but you all did not get back home when i asked to be. I was out for 6 weeks and should be off for 6 days. Thats when i was informed to clean out my truck if I wanted to be off that long. Although they had no freight to haul until tuesday, I asked for a load...