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Kim Complaints & Reviews

Kim / VIPme dresses

Sep 12, 2016

I placed an order for a dress and a purse. I did not receive the purse. And the dress looks nothing like the photograph in the wesbite. The waistline is sewn all the way up to the breastline. The dress looks like some poor student quickly finished their Home Economics sewing assignment in less than an hour. There was no indication on the website or when placing the order that the products would be shipped from China, but they were. I have attempted to call 209 area code California number that was provided with my order, but nobody answers or returns messages. I believe this company is doing...

Kim - England, Merseyside, St Helens / Rip Off


I got a letter from this comany a few days ago saving ive won £550, 000.00 as soon as read the letter i knew it was a scam. Their is no email address or telephone number which is a big big giveaway an anyways ive not entered anythimg so where they got my address an name from is a mistery. We need to put these people away for doing this is not right trying to take money from people, we need answers an justice for what they are doing. What a load of rubbish...