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ken mor construction LLC Complaints & Reviews

ken mor construction LLC - Florida, Port Charlotte / Home Building Scam Artist


If you want a New Home Contractor that doesn't know anything about building hire Kent. He's your man. He'll promise you anything even to build your house upside down, just ask him. Get your contract signed, then start hitting you with the upgrades. He won't consider what the original item cost was, just charge you for the upgrade. Don't even thing of finding out what subs he uses or where he is getting his products from, he won't tell you or let you pick out anything except colors. As for getting along with his workers & clients as well as his subs. Don't...

ken mor construction LLC - Hawaii, Port charlotte / Real scam artist in construciton


If you want a contractor who will not hire good help, cheats you on prices for ad ons, does not check job site or workers, does not pay his subs for work done, and to top that will file a lien and forclose on you house after more than 2 years of construction time for work he has not done nor plans on doing this is the contractor for you. He is allway right, just ask him!