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Kemper Insurance Complaints & Reviews

Kemper Insurance / House fire lost everything over a year ago still not settled

Jun 7, 2011

February 2010 we lost everything to a house fire and had a 248, 000 dollar blanket coverage full replacement, we was out of a place to live except for a motel room for 6 months. we finally took all our savings plus what little we had received and bought another house older than the house we had. it took them 8 months to pay the textile company that they had called to try and clean or non salvage them, they called us several times trying to get there money we would call the insurance company they would promise to pay right away bit would not. we were also told that everything would be...

Kemper Insurance / Late charges


Kemper is charging late fee's when none is reasonable. We were assessed aditional fee of $ 82.00 for homeowner's policy which was paid and then they started billing @ $26.00 per month. We are now up to $78.00 for billing charges and late fees on late fees on late fees. When we reached their Agent we were told that that's just the way it is and we have no rights and that submission to the state of Connecticut would do no good. We have written directly to Kemper but have not received ythe courtesy of a reply.

Kemper Insurance / Horrible experience


My son had a Home fire on 7/1/09. Cause of fire was deemed electrical. Kemper Insurance has done little to settle this claim.(As of 10/17/09) A deposition was scheduled. It was a gruely horrible defiling experience. The attorney call the insured ( my son) a liar during the deposition. When asked if a previous insurance claim had been made the answer was no. My son had been in a MVA at age 18 and was a passenger. Because he was taken to a hospital with injured they called him a liar. Never did my son feel he needed an attorney. But he did to protect him from Kemper's tactics! Intially money for...