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kel Complaints & Reviews

kel - Florida, Tampa / Not what they claim

Jan 29, 2014

When my husband and I went it to KEL to have them file head of the household so money would stop being taken from my husband's paycheck we were told it was going to be $800. We were told that it is usually $200 but since it was in a different county (across the state, which they claimed they would have to go to) the charge is $1, 000 but they were going to give us a discount. We were NEVER told the $800 was just a retainer. We paid them the money and it took one whole month for us to receive anything. What we received was a blank form for us to fill out and send to the court house, with...

kel - Florida, Orlando / no service

Nov 20, 2013

Paid three thousand dollars for one year of legal services to minimize damage to my son after he could no longer afford a home he bought at the top of the realestate market. Wanted cooperation with lender to get home back to lender in good shape. Regardless of what we told KEL to do they only wanted to drag out of process. Seems their goal is to continue to accumulate attorneys fees on both their end and the bank's side too. Requested two meetings with attorneys on update of case neither attorney knew anything about our case, they showed up with a yellow notepad with our names on it. They...