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Katsur Dental Complaints & Reviews

Katsur Dental / Horrible 1st Pediatric Dental Visit

May 12, 2014

I took my 4 year old for his first dentist visit to Katsur Dental in West View. They started out by attempting a cleaning. The machine scared him a lot and the cleaning was not able to proceed. Then the dentist attempted to count his teeth and check for cavities, but my son wouldn't let them because of the frightening experience he just had with the cleaning. The dentist offered to put a mouth guard in so she could check his teeth for cavities, which I declined - let's not traumatize the kid anymore in his 1st visit ! They attempted to brush his teeth with a fluoride treatment, but...

Katsur Dental - Pennsylvania, West View / Horrible experience

May 1, 2012

I had to have several teeth removed, so I made an appointment with Katsur Dental as my insurance would cover anesthesia and my dentist was not able to give anesthesia for such a large number of teeth. And of course, I wanted anesthesia. I went to the consultation, informing them from the beginning I wanted nitrus as my choice of anesthesia. After all, that was the main reason I was coming to them, otherwise I would have stayed with my dentist whom I liked and had done business with for many years. I waited five weeks for this appointment. The week leading up to it, my PCP had to call in some...

Katsur Dental / Bad service

May 9, 2011

I went in to have a cavity filled. The people in the front were too busy talking about what amusement park they were going to visit or about how to talk their way out of getting speeding tickets. This place was rediculous. When I finally got back to see the dentist he told me they dont have enough time to fill my aching tooth. I would have to reschedule after the holiday weekend. So home I go to get the needle nosed pliers and take care of it myself. Kaiser dental will never get a recommendation from me. Don't go there.