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Juvesiio Complaints & Reviews

Juvesiio / unauthorised deduction from me

Jun 10, 2015

I ordered 2x Sample products and was informed that the charge would only be for P&P. Received delivery when away on holidays and on return discovered a charge of £87 taken without permission from my credit card. Called the company today 10.06.15 and was offfered a 50% reduction I held onto the products. I refused and was subsequently told that I would receive a full refund if I returned both products to an address in Sweden. Wondering if this is advisable as they will have my money and the products.

Juvesiio / my face is destroyed i used this twice my face is burnt so badly the skin is peeling off it a month later this was recommended for sensitive skin

Apr 01, 2015

i used juvesiio serum that was recommended for sensitive skin i only used it twice my face is destroyed its so bad its still peeling a month later it still burning me my gp wants me to go to the hospital but as im disabled with multiple sclorosis i ts not easy for me to be waiting in ques for hours on end im so ashamed to go out i will be going to a solicitor on tuesday 7th of april

Juvesiio / Unauthorised withdrawal from account

Apr 28, 2014

I was shopping online with COS in Feb/March a feedback form popped up, reportedly looking like it was part of the COS site, asking me to fill out a couple of questions/short survey to trial a new Anti Wrinkle Serum. I thought it was a bit odd that they asked me for £1.95 for postage and packaging to send out the product, but having already done the survey I foolishly entered my details. On checking my credit card statement I discovered that in addition to the £1.95, they deducted th£87 from my account in April 2017. At no time did I tick anything, there was nothing in the...

Juvesiio / Charging for free Anti-wrinkle Serum

Apr 27, 2014

Pop up advertised free Juvesiio Anti Wrinkle Cream. I gave name and address and then was asked for £5.95 postage. I stupidly gave my debit card and went away my holidays for two weeks. When my bank statement came in they had taken £5.85 then £87 on March 2014 then £87 on 17th April. I received on free sample. You cannot get them on the phone as they always say their has been a computer error... I have received on FREE sample ... I emailed them and was asked to send account number etc. I had only received a letter inside the small parcel headed Juvesiio not saying anything...

Juvesiio / 87.00 taken from our current account

Apr 17, 2014

17.04.2014. This company has withdrawn £87.00 from our account. We don't know the company and we have never got a product from this company. Where/what do we do to get our money back? Kind regards Gerda Grundt .19 grange court. 1 wood street. Chelmsford CM2 9FA. UK [protected] grundt.[protected]

Juvesiio / Took $114.95 from my account without authorization.

Jul 09, 2013

Juvesiio took $114.95 from my account without authorization. I'd like to file a complaint against them. What a scam! They KNOW that it looks like you're only spending $4.95 for shipping and handling for a trial. They are RIPPING OFF innocent people.