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Aug 2, 2011

Justin Sullivan owner of sold me a puppy on July 9, 2011. He advertises clean healthy puppies with a warranty. My puppy was sick with Parvo within days and died. My vet says he had the deadly virus when I purchased him and all puppies with my pup would be ill. Justin refused to warn others about the virus or give me any information. He coldly responded, "did you purchase the PAWS warranty?" This warranty is a scam. Read the fine print. He has not paid a dime of the $2000 dollars I spent trying to save my puppy. - Texas, Atascosa / sell sick puppies


My wife and I adopted a pomeranian we saw on on Friday the 14th 2009 from Justin Sullivan. Within 6 days our dog was in the hospital and diagnosed with Parvo. Our dog from the time we purchased him was never outside except for the ride home. At no time was our dog in contact with anyother dogs except for those at Justyourpup. The dogs were all kept inside a small building with no air conditioning with multiple dogs in each cage. When we called Justin Sullivan to let him know our dog was diagnosed with Parvo my wife and I wanted information about the breeder which Justin...