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Joowel Jewelry Complaints & Reviews

Joowel Jewelry / The bracelet and charms were defective and too large for my hand

Dec 19, 2015

Don’t order from Joowel Jewelry. I have purchased bracelet with two charms. The seller sent me wrong size of the bracelet as well as the charms were defective. I took this order and returned to the seller, and I added a note that I want refund. But this man started to call me and offered other products. He didn’t listen to me and didn’t want to pay my money back. I can’t persuade him.

Joowel Jewelry / The seller provided excuse after excuse and my order still hasn't been provided

Dec 11, 2015

I purchased charm from Joowel Jewelry and I must get it before 1/12/15. The seller replied to my emails and said that it may be stuck on custom or said some other excuses, but I didn’t trust him. He provided the USPS tracking number for the order, but this number showed that such order didn’t exist. I am so upset and need to know the truth. Does anyone have the same situations? Then, what have you done?