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Joe Young Law Complaints & Reviews

Joe Young Law - California, Whittier / terrible service

Jan 27, 2019

If you want to destroy your life, hire Joe Young. He is a compulsive liar who has no concern regarding the outcome of your case but cannot grab your money fast enough. I honestly believe he shaves his head because he identifies with skinhead beliefs. He certainly has no conscience. He offers to come to your house and lies to you in your own home! Run like hell from this sleazebag! Sincerely, Steve Dunbar.

Joe Young Law - California / Took $3,500 with no resolution

May 23, 2013

I had Workplace discrimination and harassment. Joe Young boasted "I never lose these type of cases". Charged me $3, 500 up front, wrote ONE letter and closed my case 3 months later without telling me! When he FINALLY returned my call, wanted 7-10K MORE to proceed! Now I'm out $3, 500. with no resolution. He talks a big story, taking as much of your money as he can, with no follow thru! Beware!!!

Joe Young Law / corruption, unethical practice

Aug 17, 2011

I am a retired nurse and elderly grandmother who hired Joe Young (from his office in Whittier) to represent someone in my family because of all the promises and reassurances he gave me that he would treat this case as if his own family were involved. I can honestly tell you that I have never met a more untrustworthy or unethical person in my life. He lies so often it's as if he were made of them. There is something awfully disturbing about a "man" willing to take advantage of a senior citizen and I would simply warn you to never hire this man because he is truly not a man but a coward.

Joe Young Law - California, Whittier / lies and corruption

Jan 10, 2011

Joe Young came to my house as an invited guest and told me for an hour that he would be THE ONLY lawyer on my case and in fact that I wouldn't even see another lawyer. From that day on, I never saw this lying ### again and ONLY had OTHER lawyers show up at court who were all strangers to me, unimformed, and incompetent at their job! When I complained to Joe he never returned the calls or came up with lame excuses so not only is Joe Young a coward, my witnesses and I don't know how this sleazebag sleeps at night! Do not hire this gutless ### unless you want endless lies and corruption.

Joe Young Law - California, Whittier / joe young law


Don't hire this firm! They make claims that you have a great case, get your money, drop your case, make excuses and don't return your call. Stay away! I wish we never hired them-now we're out $3, 500!

Joe Young Law - California, Whitier / Elder abuse and taking advatage


My 88 yr old Mother went to help a young girl that cares for her, The young girl got a DUI and this Attorneys sent a letter to her for buisness, they called he meet them in his parking lot and took a ck from my mother for $400.00 to retain him, they never intered is office he then sent them an agreement that they did not sign now they won't give the money back and are playing games with them they have nothing signed and have done nothing and will not return the money They should be reported to someone