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Joan Williams Complaints & Reviews

Joan Williams / waiting for my funds

Jan 27, 2011

Hi, Thank you for receive your messages also that but already i went with my daughter to my bank their saying told me cassava enterpise play bingo my mistake very sorry i been send apoloisge to cassava enterpise says happy with me. Anyway I got receive messages from nigeria their bank says got my big funds me must pay of 2, 000pounds i dont have no money at moment, I'm deaf single mother disabled unemployment got 3 kids, I cannot afford other pay of 2, 000pounds how i dont money. i have told them i want gave back all my money their says cannot back my money because they from bank say...

Joan Williams / lots of money too much lost very angry


I'm very very upset already payment of 105.00pounds this morning on wedesday 18th November 2009 send them by compensation office in nigeria did says Dear Miss Joan Williams, My Sister Listen to me. It is not well with us. As Onyejekwe picked the money and was on the way back there were many gun shutters and Chuks was seriously wounded and the money was collected by criminal who wounded him and killed that police who go with him. The name of that police killed today is Inspector Musa Adam.So very serious case now. Therefore the money is not received and Chuks is treating himself now.. ...

Joan Williams / what mean certificate of non-inspection


last 9th october 2009 already full payments of 170.00 semd him that he says my money lost again he want me have do other again payment of 100pounds already send him make me very angry whay he want because benin interpol police already told me about police found been arrest this person stole of my money but police still there been ask gil richardson must gave fund back to benin interpol police go to delivery urgent at my doorstep but spanish custom office of mr. gil richardson is with the consignment fund refuse still hold my parcel of funds their should gave benin interpol police need go back...

Joan Williams / not yet receive my funds from them


Last tues 23rd June I got receive his email says thanks for my email with payments but he says promise me, immediately me send it me receive my funds now ok. Already I send two payment of £250 & other final £120 together add of £370 for clearance report send delivery to my home doorstep did not come yet still waiting for them. he told me because they spoke to him send me have payment of £370 for clearance report for delivery that's why make me upset why he take too long delay that he says that promise just wait and some hours last tuesday 23rd June but he says that his words promise tell my...