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Jim Beam Complaints & Reviews

Jim Beam - Virginia, Richmond / Jim Beam Girls

Sep 26, 2013

The sports bar I go to has the Baileys Girls come in to promote their latest products. They will come around and offer patrons samples of their products. If I am alone they will ignore me, literally going around me at times. It seems as if because I am older and by myself that I am being profiled as a meatball loser and unworthy of their standards. Once would be an oversight but this many times...I call this being profiled and discriminated against and I am offended by this. I contacted Jim Beam twice and they will not even respond. I am an educated high paid therapist who tips well and always a gentleman...I do not appreciate being profiled and treated as if I am invisible. Has this happened to anyone else?

Jim Beam / Television advertisement


I am finding the Jim Beam advert that makes light of restraining orders to be a real slap in the face for those people who supposed to be protected by them. It makes light of the whole thing by referring to a restraining order as being JUST A PIECE OF PAPER, and thereby rather worthless as the lady in the advert still goes on to stalk her former partner, albiet in disguise. How are people accept the legality of these orders when we make fun of them in an advertisiment, let along one on alcohol.