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Jena Murray Photography Complaints & Reviews

Jena Murray Photography / Scam

Sep 26, 2011

Save your money, save your sanity, save your marriage! Hired Jena for wedding photography. Paid in full up front. Big mistake. After the wedding she was impossible to get a hold of. Numerous calls and emails. Complaints to the BBB and Attorney General's Office will get her attention though. Did not get the wedding album until 68 weeks after the wedding. Yes, you read that right, 1 year and almost 4 months later. Missed 2 Christmas's and 2 Thanksgivings where the photos could not be shared. Horrible customer service. Use at your own risk and DO NOT pay in full until you have received your photos.

Jena Murray Photography / Stay away


We hired Jena as our wedding photographer. We were happy with her up until the day after the wedding when she became IMPOSSIBLE to get ahold of for 3 months. She finally posted our pictures online, but it has been 14 months since our wedding and we are still waiting for our album. I have never worked with a small business owner (who I assume is trying to build a business on referrals) who is so unprofessional. She has created so many headaches for us in the last year. We just want our wedding pictures and to be done dealing with her. For your own sanity, I would stay away from this one.