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Jefferson Capital Systems Complaints & Reviews

Jefferson Capital Systems - Illinois, Chicago / What is going on??


My boyfriend just received a letter in the mail stating that he owed over $1, 000 in credit card debt with the Salute Visa Gold card company. The letter has the correct name, however, it has an address that he has never lived at, and to top it off, he has never even owned a credit card!! We just got this in the mail today (August 25, 2009) and the letter was dated July 15, 2009. This is not acceptable and we will be contacting Jefferson Capital Services as soon as he gets home. If we find proof that someone else tried to use his name when he was a minor (he is only 19 now), that person will be brought to justice.

Jefferson Capital Systems / Wrong Name on Account


My account had been sold to Nations Recovery Center with the wrong name on the account. We are receiving calls claiming that my 8year old son owes this debt. I want to know WHY WAS MY SON EVER EVEN INCLUDED IN THIS!? You are tarnishing his name...OR are you trying to extort me into paying? This is unacceptable and could be a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. I have contacted the FTC, my local police department, and will persue legal action if this is not corrected immediately! As to my debt, I know what I owe and will make payments. I fell behind do the recent death of my...

Jefferson Capital Systems / Unauthorized billing


I received the letter about paying off a pass dept. It all sounds good, about getting a credit card to reestablish credit when you have bad credit and taking care of a pass dept at the same time. The payments arraignments are what caught my eye as well as having my pass dept taken off of my credit report. But after reading several of the [redacted]s I am not going to go through with this offer. I had paid my first $20.00 and my check did not go through my bank so therefore I was charged an additional $35.00 for NFS. But again, after reading more about this company I am defiantly not going to...

Jefferson Capital Systems - Minnesota, Saint Cloud / Fraud


I received a letter in the mail a week ago offering me a credit if I paid off an alleged debt I owed that I have no knowledge off. Before I could send off a letter asking them what this was about and to verify the debt I checked my credit report today and this company is now showing on my credit report. It also says it's for Bankfirst Visa which I've neve heard off in the amount of $1059.00 it says the open date was 10/2008 and reported date 11/2008. Something is very fraudulent about this company.