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Jamie Siever Photography / Jamie Siever Photography

Jan 22, 2015

Not satisfied with the service. Although he claims to photograph in 'creative' and 'unique' ways, my interpretation of what he did for me was just 'lazy' and not at all worth the time and money I committed to engaging his services. The quality of the photos can only be, at best, described as on par with amateurs. I could have found myself a much better deal at half the price.

Jamie Siever Photography / Amateurs work for a high price

Jan 28, 2015

Jamie Siever is an amateur. I found their website while looking for a photographer for my baby photos and i contacted Jamie Siever which i deeply regret. The photos were edited with effects that i didn't ask for, he asked me for extra money for such a bad service. I tried hard to contact him but no answer. Just had an email from him after that saying that if i want he can convert the photos back to the original color but i have to pay again extra money for it. I wouldn't recommend his services to anyone. He ripped me off.