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James Burrell Complaints & Reviews

James Burrell / Took 3,000 And Scammed Us

Jan 06, 2015

James Burrell is the owner of Burrell Investment Group. He took 3, 000 and promised that he would turn it into a business. He made countless promises saying that he would make a successful business or he would refund our money. James said he would get us involved in the energy industry. After he received the money he stopped connecting with us and then stopped answering emails. James Burrell is a crook and won't do anything but take your money and run far far away. His company Burrell Investment Group is a huge joke. No reviews online and tons of scams.

James Burrell - Maryland, Nottingham / Took 550 from me

Aug 01, 2014

James Burrell has swindled me beyond anyone that ever could have. I originally gave him 1, 250 through his investment company and also gave him 550 directly to have him consult with me on a few financial freedom ideas. James provided a 2 page pdf that spoke about avoiding expensive dinners and cut back on your budget. It clearly wasn't worth 550. James never answered my calls and avoided me very frequently. I asked for him to at least pay a portion of what he owed and he denied even doing that.