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Jacob Law Group Complaints & Reviews

Jacob Law Group - Mississippi, University / debt

Apr 10, 2018

Brittanie Dorrough is so rude. Asking me to get a credit card or a personal loan to pay off a debt? No, personal loan will put me in more debt and I can't even get a credit card because I have low/no credit history! She's called my school directly too many times. Ice already got a garnishment and she is trying to push me for me. I'm doing all I can. We were on a one income of $700 a month (assistant teacher) since my husband has a wreck in March of 2017 we have one car to share. I might would do better if she was nicer and not so pushy to put myself in more debt. I would rather deal with anyone but Brittanie or Jacob Law

Jacob Law Group / very rude

May 1, 2015

I am a single mother of four children. I am a full time student trying to get to where I can provide for my children. The only income I have right now is $310.00 a month in child support. Jacob Law Group began calling me about a year ago. I know I owe the money, that is not the issue. The issue is that I cannot afford the payment they are demanding every month. They said that if I don't pay I will be put in jail. I've been making the $100 a month payment until March. In March my house burned down and I had to use the student loans I got to get me and my children a new place to live...

Jacob Law Group - Mississippi, Oxford / harassing phone calls

Jun 21, 2012

I received a voice mail message from an automated system to call them back. I was given NO reference number or person to ask for. When I called they asked me what number they called me on. I have about TEN phone numbers and I had to go through almost ALL of them to find out that they were trying to contact an elderly male (I am a young female) whose last name is spelled differently than mine and whose first name was NOTHING like mine. I had received about THREE phone calls and had to call their office THREE times before the issue was resolved. The second time I told the operator that if she could...

Jacob Law Group - Mississippi / keeps calling - don't know why

Apr 12, 2011

Keep receiving calls from the attorneys office of the Jacob Law Group. The callers do not identify the purpose of the calls . I am a victim of Id theft and will not answere calls from anyone not identifying the purpose of the call. Ms Ward if you so happen to read this, you may want to leave the reason of your call on the messages you leave .

Jacob Law Group / harrassment

Jan 27, 2011

they are the rudest debt collectors ive ever dealt with. i am young and going through bankruptcy unfortunately and when i finally decided to pick up their phone calls after endless rude and harrassing voicemails, i talk to some trashy ###. she asked if i was aware of my debt, being polite i said yes but im filing it for bankruptcy and she proceeded to say "'re 23...and youre going through bankruptcy?" and she said it in a manner that was very mean and very rude, as if i was extremely pathetic. she does not know me or the massive medical bills i accrued without health insurance in...

Jacob Law Group - Mississippi, Oxford / Harassment


I sent this collection agency a cease and desist letter 2 months ago and they are still calling. I am sending the second notice ou today, July 9, 2010. Not only do they not know what cease and desist means, they call all hours of the day, before and after legal hours and on Sundays. They also have talked to minors about my debts, which is against the law in all states. When talking to collectors, they talk to you like you are not a person or that you are a relative. I am neither and I expect respect. No other collection agency calls this much and breaks laws in the process. Citing Commercial...

Jacob Law Group - Mississippi, Oxford / harrashment


i had a debt with them, but let me tell you what they did...they called my place of worship to try and find me i just cannot imagine it. i spoke to the young lady and told her that i amsure she was black and that i hoped she went to church and asked her how she would feel if sombody did that to her..i backed her into a corner and finally she realised that i was right..she put her boss on the phone who yelled and screamed at me. i have made payment arrangements. I AM TELLING YOU IF YOU OWE MONEY TO THE JACOB LAW GROUP PAY THEM AS THEY WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO EMBARASS YOU AND STRESS YOU OUT... NASTY UGLY UNEDUCATED GROUP OF PEOPLE...