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J White Publications Complaints & Reviews

J White Publications - Manitoba, Carman / Claiming I agreed to Online Advertising

Jan 21, 2013

They have been harassing us for months saying I agreed to this online advertising. They say they have a recording of me saying yes and I'd pay with a company cheque. I said I wanted to hear it, and they said they would let me hear it when I agree to paying. Um no... Then today I get a phone call from them saying ... Oh is this you... I said Yes ... then Okay I'll call you back... Now they can make a recording of me... It clicked afterwards that it was one of the workers voice. I recognized it afterwards... SCAM...

J White Publications - Alberta, Lethbridge / Bill given to us for no asked services

May 11, 2011

We have been receiving phone calls and letters from J. White Publications Inc that we owe them money. We have never agreed to any terms with J White Publications Inc. for any services nor gave them any details of our business. They have now threatened to take us to Collections.