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Ivory White Complaints & Reviews

Ivory White - Colorado, Denver / free trial period

guiseppescotti on Jun 6, 2012

hello i ordered the free trial on line to try the product...of teeth whitner and just had to give my information for the shipping and handling to try for free ... and looked at my bank account that ivory white charged me $78.41 for nothing i did not sign anything for any future products nor did i agree to anyrhing just wqanted to try the trial and see if product worked on my teeth i did not even open the trial packages yet... and seen that they charged me money just to try a product... are you kidding me this is illegal. and fraud fort you cannot ask some one to just pay for shipping anf...

Ivory White - Maryland / Charged CC without authorization

madinMD on Jan 31, 2012

I saw this product's advertisement online and it stated you only pay shipping of 1.03 and you will receive a free trial. I called within the next 24 hours to cancel so I wouldn't receive or be charged for more product. I received my trial along with additional product I didn't order or even want. A week later my account was charged an additional $48! These scammers have not refunded money nor explained why I was charged for a product I did not request. I cannot believe that with all these complaints this company is still in business. Shut this business down now!!

Ivory White - Colorado, Boulder / unlawful charges to credit card

Catherine T on Mar 23, 2011

I ordered the free trial for $1 and the package I received said free trial then I was charged the full package of $78.91 and received nothing else.There was only 3 syringes with 3 millimeters and 2 mouth pieces.The free trial did not work and I would like to receive my money back because I canceled before their so called time period.Thank you please email me

Ivory White - Florida, Tampa / Stole money

Ice43 on Mar 3, 2011

I ordered the trial sample. I received it seven days later on 2/25/11. I cancelled it on 2/26/11. My account was charged 78 bucks on 2/28/11. I was told I didn't cancel within the 8 day trial. The rude CSR advised me the trial started on the day I placed the order. She told me as a courtesy they will refund me 45 bucks. These people stole money out of my account.

Ivory White - Colorado, Boulder / BBB Colorado

Good new I am attaching a letter I got back from the BBB in Colorado Complaint ID#: 75121357 Business Name: Ivory White Thank you for contacting your BBB. Your complaint was received by the BBB on July 13, 2010 and has been assigned case# 75121357in our files. Please make a note of this number for future reference. Your complaint has been applied to the following business: Ivory White 6205 Lookout Rd Ste D Boulder, CO 80301-3334 The case has been reviewed and has now been forwarded to the business for their response. This business has until August 4, 2010to respond to your complaint. If...

Ivory White - Colorado, Boulder / Unauthorized Forced Shipments

How can this happen? How are people supposed to trust even the liget internet Companies? I would think the honest companies would want to get rid of these scams also.

Ivory White - Colorado, Boulder / rip off

I was told I'd receive a "free" trial tooth whitening kit. After submitting m y credit card information, and now allowing me the stated 30 days for a return, my bank account was charged $80+ and I had my normal banking items bounce because they charged my a/c before the allotted time period. Called yesterday and was told that I can't return it, even though the kit is unopened. Now they're stating "no return" after 8 days. I have .89 cents in my bank a/c. To make matters worse, I am currently on Public Assistance from the state of NJ so when my debit card is reloaded on November...

Ivory White / Bad Business Practices

I ordered a trial of this product. After the trial, the company began sending me automatic shipments. The problem was shortly after receiving the trial I was admitted to the hospital for an extended period of time and THE BOXES ARRIVE UNMARKED. There is no company or product name on the packaging at all. My husband had set them aside and now the company won't take them back because of their strict 30 day return policy... WHICH IS NOT ON ANYTHING I'VE EVER RECEIVED FROM THEM. This company should not be allowed to operate and I'm filing a complaint with the BBB.

Ivory White - North Carolina, Durham / Item Not Ordered


I wanted to try the "trial sample" being offered so I ordered and paid the shipping. When I received the product there was also a kit that I did not order. Well I tried the sample which was the most horrible experience ever. It burned, tasted awful and nearly made me throw up. Well I followed instructions, got RMA number, mailed package and they still charged my account $78.00 for an item that I never ordered. I called to talk to a representative about the correspondence I had, I had my mail receipt where I sent the package back in. I was told there were no notes on my account only records of...

Ivory White - Colorado, Boulder / Did Not Order! Unauthorized Charges! Customer Service Is A JOKE! SCAM!

Did Not Order! Unauthorized Charges! Customer Service Is A JOKE! SCAM! THIEVES! Complaint Rating: Company information: Ivory White Colorado United States Phone: 800-964-4593 I was looking through free offers on "Cool Savings",, and saw many offers, I signed up for one offer - not Ivory White! A totally different offer and company, gave them my complete info, including credit card. Ivory White shows up on my statement with charges of $3.44 and $1.43. I called them immediately and asked who, what, why, etc. I was told this: the charges were packing and...

Ivory White - Colorado, Boulder / Scam!


My info was sent to them as a third party contact. I was sent the "free trial" for $5 in shipping. I tried to tell the company that I did not order this. I was told that I would have to wait until I received the product to cancel. I did not receive the product and was charge $80 for the full kit. This is a horrible scam. Even after the post office confirmed that the package was not received they did not return my money.

Ivory White - Colorado, Boulder / Free trial, not free!

I signed up for a trial offer of the Ivory White Teeth Whitening System. I was to be charged for shipping for the trial product only. I received the trial offer but also another package. I tried the trial and it burned my gums. I called the company and they explained it was the first of a monthly order and I needed to return the other package. They gave me a number to write on the outside of the package. I also made sure that this was canceled and stressed that no more charges were to be made to my checking account. I returned it the very next day in the original package with the number...

Ivory White / Scam and criminal activity!

My son somehow ordered Ivory White by way of being offered free samples. He called tp cancel and they told him he would have to speak to a manger and there was not one available at the time. His bank card was charged $78 in addition to other charges for shipping.