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Iso Beauty Complaints & Reviews

Iso Beauty - British Columbia, Vancouver / Defective Product - Unhelpful Company

Jan 8, 2011

I don’t even know where to start, I visited a mall in Seattle in the summer and bought a Iso Beauty Straighter, the one I tried at the Kiosk was amazing, well worth the $200 I paid for it, and it came with a life time warranty so I thought why not. Let me tell you why not. When I brought it home I used it and went to work, Guess what, the Off button didn’t work. it burned my Dresser. The lifetime warranty is $15 additional and that’s if you can get a hold of someone and its $30 shipping to plus the shipping there. When called the Kiosk that sold it to me, they were like...

Iso Beauty / Unauthorized billing


I was at the mall and was stopped by a salesperson at one of the kiosk. They were selling flat irons. I had a good Sedu flat iron at home. She started to flat iron my hair and I was amazed. My hair had so much shine, it was silky straight and then she put these beautiful ringlets in my hair that would only come out when she ironed them. She told me the temperature of the iron did not get over 250 degrees so it would not damage my hair and a bunch of stuff about negative ions. I was a idiot and fell for it $165 later. Not only did I buy one but, I talked my daughter into one and they gave it to...