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Isecurevap Complaints & Reviews

Isecurevap / harassment - fraud - misrepresentation

Apr 01, 2015

This company is actually one of many companies run by two guys. They called our house claiming our computer had a problem. They previously defrauded my mother by infecting her computer and taking her money, and now they keep calling the house saying the computer is infected hoping to randomly get her. If you get a pop on your computer and their # pops up and they say the only way is to buy their product, do NOT buy their product. It is a scam, and I was able to get my mother's money back. If they call your house - hang up and report them. They are scam artists and should go to jail for fraud. Why our government has done nothing is an OUTRAGE.

Isecurevap / Fraudulent charges and I don't know how to stop them

Apr 19, 2014

I received the phone call from the company Isecurevap. The guy told me that my computer was harmed and contained many viruses. They worked with Microsoft, and therefore they knew about problems. I paid them $200 for the services, and these scammers continued to charge me every month. I tried to reach them and stop these charges, but no one replied. I wonder if there are people, who had the same thing. Maybe you can advise me how to stop these withdrawals. Please post your ideas and comments. Thanks.