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Ira Woods & Sons Complaints & Reviews

Ira Woods & Sons / Delivery late -- and no company respons

Aug 30, 2011

We ordered two toilets that had a promised 2-4 week delivery period. It has been four weeks -- nothing rec'd, no communication from Ira Woods and no answers to my emails to Ira Woods. Our charge card, however, was charged immediately.

Ira Woods & Sons - Texas, Lakeway / unreasonable return policy


I ordered 2 lamps from this company. I received the order to find that one of the shades was bent out of shape, and that upon inspection of the lamps, I found the lamps to be not as described on line and of very poor quality for the cost of the lamps. I called customer service to inquire about returning the lamps for the reasons noted above, and was told by Matt that I would have to first email photos of the damaged shade, and once the photos were reviewed by "management", I would be notified regarding the "claim". Depending on the decision, I would then be required to ship the lamps back...

Ira Woods & Sons - Florida / Deceptive


I bought a $375 Plumbing fixture from Ira Woods & Sons. My installer said it would not fit due to my sink area. I tried to return it 3 days after I recieved it & I was told it was now "a closeout item & non-returnable". No where in my purchase transaction was I informed of this. After much discussion w/ their Customer Service department, "Management" agreed to charge me a 25% Restock fee, but only if I purchased something of equivalent value to my original purchase. So I had to pay $40.00 to ship the original back, + $93.o0 restock, to get a credit for $282, but I had to spend the equivalent of my original $375, so it cost me another $100+. Never ever will I deal w/ them again.

Ira Woods & Sons / Illegal business practices


I ordered a toilet/bidet combination February 22, 2010. The price of $1574.91 was immediately charged to my AMEX account. I called twice--the first time I was told it was back ordered and an email was sent explaining my options. I never received an email. The second time I called I was told Matt "stepped out of the building, but I see that it was shipped today and a confirming email has been sent." I never received an email.

Ira Woods & Sons / Never again I will buy from this store


I bought a Cuisinart Toaster oven as a Christmas present for my mom. It took Ira Wood more than a month to ship the order. When it finally arrived we looked at it and my mom decided she wants a different size oven. When I call the store it turned out they don’t take returns! They referred to some list of non-returnable item groups that I was somehow supposed to relate to the product I was getting. So now I am stuck with an item I don’t need. Never again I will buy from this store!

Ira Woods & Sons / I don't like being deceived and that is exactly what this company did to me


I needed an Eemax water heater and the web site promised same day or next day shipping which is the only reason I ordered from them. After two days I received an email stating that my order was "approved" and I would get an email notification of shipment. After 10 days I called customer service and they were very friendly and told me the order had shipped, 7 days later the order showed up. I am thankful that I received the order but I will not do any more business with this company nor would I recommend them. I don't like being deceived and that is exactly what this company did to me.

Ira Woods & Sons / Terrible company


Ordered a bathroom faucet three weeks ago - so much for same day shipping. I contacted customer service and they were pretty quick about getting back to me every time I e-mailed. But I asked about the same day shipping. Their answer was that is was being direct shipped from the mfg. More days went on and I told them I would be contacting my credit card company to file a complaint - I gave them 4 days to produce proof. Finally they said it was shipped and as soon as they had a tracking number they'd forward that info to me. The next day I said they had until the end of business that day to...

Ira Woods & Sons / Dishonest return policy


I purchased an espresso maker and when it arrived the quality was poor so I called to return it. It was only then that I learned they not only charge a restocking fee of 25% but that they won't refund your money. They will only give yo a gift certificate. NO WHERE during the purchasing process did they alert the consumer to this dishonest business practice. I was told by Customer Service that I should have read the "general conditions" statment which I later found buried in small print. I will never buy from them again so I have lost all of money!