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Apr 05, 2014

An Eastern European Fraud apparently located either in Ukraine or in Bulgaria and using a website IPAY.EU has succeeded in snaring hundreds of victims with a fake website claiming to provide e-payment solutions similar to Google Wallet or Paypal, but for discounted rates. In fact, the site is a scam, using the banking or credit card details of their victims to make fraudulent charges without the knowledge of their unsuspecting clients. Shortly after opening an account with IPAY.EU, the victims are approached to order a debit Mastercard, which requires them to submit a copy of their passport... / Theft of customers funds

Apr 05, 2014

I registered for on this fake site They have a slick web page which looks alot like Paypal, but they are not! When I registered, they asked for my creidt card number which they said was required to get a Username with the company. Immediately upon registration, they charged $1.50 on my card without my permission. I did not complain because it was a small amount but that was a big mistake!! Afterward, they charged about 10 times amounts around $300. When I called them in Bulgaria (which is the only number listed on their website), they said they dont speak English. Afterward, I...