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Ipa Business Consultants Complaints & Reviews

Ipa Business Consultants / Lied about thier sevices and overcharged


I'm pissed about the company IPA. When I first hired them they promised a 3 to 1 investment return. IF it didn't happen they said they would tear up checks. Never happened and they didn't tear up checks. They saw my books, they knew where my co. was at. They claim that you'll be guided through the process, but you are pushed through with no support. Once they see that your company can't make payments they leave. You get a hand shake good luck, a spread sheet, a folder that my bookeeper laughed at, and alot of Empty promises. This was a huge mistake on may part to let...

Ipa Business Consultants - Saskatchewan, Saskatoon / Severely Overvalued Services


IPA Consultants had us baffled with self help book talk and nice suits at a time when we really needed some assistance and smart looking / talking people. They were one day away from cashing $40, 000 worth of business checks when I decided to perform an after hours "Google" on IPA. I was astonished at the number of complaints and their similarities to our recent IPA experiences. I panicked and dreadingly instantly initiated stop payment orders on all our checks. One letter from our lawyer quenched IPA's attempts to continue collection efforts. Good companies don't act like this. They don't have to. IPA is questionable, to say the least.

Ipa Business Consultants / Terrible experience


The IPA system is unethical! I spent $2k on a laptop, flight tickets, etc..., to go to IPA training for a week. They said the Biz Analyst (BA) does not sale anything. The BA sales consulting services. They BA will ask biz owner questions that nobody would know, just so the BA can gain credibility and make the owner feel stupid. The BA calls the research staff in front of the owner, but there is no research staff. The BA is calling the boss and talking to the boss as one that would talk to a subordinate, so the BA looks as though he/she has power. IPA hires anybody to be a BA. You do not need a...