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IPA Complaints & Reviews

IPA / I feel so stupid!!


Oh where do I is all the same. I just want to know how to get them out of the state of Georgia! They pressured us into it and we lost thousands...enough to actually buy a small house. We stopped payment on two checks and now we are getting sued. We tried to make payment arrangements last week but when I recieved a fax of our agreement it stated I would send them 12 post dated checks. When I told her we couldnt do that she started growing horns on the side of her head. I faxed her a letter stating we are seeking legal counsel and that we would not send her 12 checks. She immediately...

IPA / Fraud alert


Watch out for this company!!! they are thieves and liars and a large fraud. they get you to believe that they are going to save your business that does not need saving. I have spoken with other victims of there tactics and the info is always the same. Same words, documents and for as polished as their sales pitch is you would think that they would better there game and come up with something new. Nope same lies and frauds. DO NOT LET THEM IN YOUR BUSINESS STAY AWAY AND DO NOT BE BULLIED BY THEM. I'm lucky that I stopped payment on the checks before they tried to cash them. I'm not...

IPA / Rip off


IPA is indeed a RIP off not only for the clients they are suppose to represent but also those who serve as Analyst & Consultants. Please be warned that if you get a call to accept a position and think that you will make the money they say you will, RUNNNN as fast as you can. Not only do you have to pay your own expenses, there is no up front money you're ging to receive to travel for this company. Oh yea, they'll tell you about the per deim you'll get however, it will not, I repeat will not cover your expenses. What they so call tell you in the class is BS and actuality...