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IONLINEORDER Complaints & Reviews

IONLINEORDER - Alaska / Failure to Refund


I ordered Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener, recieved the tiny product tube and was billed $49.95 on my credit card. I returned the product within the 30 day window and requested refund. They admit they received the return. Almost 6 months and 10 phone calls later I still have not received refund. There is a different clerk every time on the order line, each time with the same routine. In every case but one, the order clerk has been a girl. Each time, I am told that the refund is processing, has processed and that there are some problems, or that the issue has been sent to corporate. The manager...

IONLINEORDER / Scam VIP Rewards Program


This company automatically enrolls you in their "VIP Rewards Program" without your knowledge. The program automatically reorders and sends whatever you ordered every three months and charges your credit card. I complained to them and they said that I approved being enrolled in the program when I bought my first order. This is BS! If they had asked for my approval, it was hidden in the fine print somewhere. They purposely do this to sell you more orders than you want. Then you have to go through the trouble to cancel your VIP membership and return the orders. Stay away from any product this company sells. You will end up getting and paying for several orders that you don't want.