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Ion Prepaid Visa Complaints & Reviews

Ion Prepaid Visa - Washington, Everett / This company is irresponsible and slow

Dec 14, 2015

I went into home depot ti purchase the fence mateeial for a customer job and the cashier said nopeople canceled card WHAT??!!SO I asked for a customer service representative tofind out what was going on because the message over the phone said the card was cancelled and they said it was blocked for fraud!!!WHAT I HAVE NEVER FRAUD ED ANYTHING IN MY LIFE YOU NEED TO RELEASE MY MONEY AND NOW IT'S 1200 FOR A JOB WE NEED TO DO.The person on the phone said they could do nothing until the proof was sent that I made the purchase for the return that was pending. I said well they need to release the...

Ion Prepaid Visa / withholding our money

Oct 28, 2013

Well when we first recieved our card did the direct deposit we loved it worked great got paid 5 days early then military pay .. then someone stole our card number .. they closed the account without telling us .. then so we got new cards and was waiting for the first pay check to hit supposed to same time every month .. our kids down to last diaper for them to say we havent recieved anything and its sunday so it probably will be tomarrow .. yet i stay awake all night because it usually hits at 3 am just to find again still not and they say well it must be your bank .. no its not in 8 yrs in the army and not one pay mistake ..