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Iolo Technologies Complaints & Reviews

Iolo Technologies / serial number invalid and no support

Apr 11, 2019

I bought Phoenix 360 from their own website received email and activation key. however when trying to activate the product it gives me Error 2 and activation key is unavailable. Tried to reach out to customer support with ticket number #12759 but till now no reply. So bought a product that i can't use, with a time limit. So if they actually reply sometime in the future all that time was wasted.

Iolo Technologies - Arizona / scamming regarding expired license


I bought system mechanic 7 from a retail store in 2017. The software which I paid $50.00 for at the time worked fine until my computer recently crashed and died. When I went to install the system mechanic software on my newer laptop, the activation key wouldn't work. So I called iolo's technical support center and they said my one year subscription ran out on 3/31/09, so I would need to buy another year's subscription for it to work. Wow! What a scam. The software itself should work for as long as I want to use it, obviously I won't have any updates or new features that they add after 3/31/09...

Iolo Technologies / bad service


I have been a loyal customer of iolo technologies for many years. I have repeatedly purchased their system mechanic pro (internet suite type) product over the years. The only reason I ever purchased their product was the free phone support. This service was good several years back, but it has gotten steadily worse in recent years. For instance, it used to be based in the u.S., but is based in india now. The reps there have the usual language barrier issues and also lie when you ask them where they are based — they say los angeles. I can not stand being lied to. Of course they all say their name...