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Int*idprotect Mntr Svc 877 - 974 - 1563 WA Complaints & Reviews

Int*idprotect Mntr Svc 877 - 974 - 1563 WA / disputed charges


I too used Intellius back in Sept. I see on my bank statement that I had been charged $19.95 for ID Protect. I call them up and the Customer Service rep tells me I signed up back when I used Intellius at a promotional price. I told him I had no idea it was a promotional price and that I felt that it was a very unprofessional way for their company to suck in unsuspecting individuals. I was irrate and told him I would be contacting the BBB and my bank. He puts me on hold for a couple of minutes and comes back and tells me he will be refunding me for all 5 months. 5 MONTHS!!! I missed it on 4...

Int*idprotect Mntr Svc 877 - 974 - 1563 WA - Washington / unauthorised charge to my credit card


This charge of $19.95 just showed up on my credit card statement. I don't even know who this company is or what they claim they sell. Don't have any idea how they got a hold of my card information. But I certainly did NOT authorise this charge and have already filled a dispute claim with my credit card company.