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Instant Tax Service Complaints & Reviews

Instant Tax Service / tax preparing

enslavedbyITS on Jun 3, 2017

I was former Employee of Instant tax employee and was also scammed by the franchisee. A friend of mine told me she has a new roommate and has tax business and asked if I want to work for 3-4 months. I said ok. When I went to meet this lady at her office, she was training 2 other women. I should have listened to my intuition because she was acting erratic and she introduced me to other employees as manager and her cousin??!! I went along with it. She paid us cash the first time. but when we officially opened we didn't have a lot of customers so she let go of the other two and its me and her. It...

Instant Tax Service - Michigan, Oak Park / taxes filed without consent forge signature

Reviewer59095 on Feb 25, 2016

On February 10, 2016 I received a phone call from instant tax service, telling me i had a refund check and to come pick it up. I indicated that i just came in for a free estimate with my last check stub of the year of 2014. never gave them a verbal or written consent to file my taxes. they also told me that they made a mistake and file my taxes because they mix up my twin sister and i taxes keep in mind my sister authorized them to file her taxes i didn't after they explain their mistake I ask for a copy of the fraudulent taxes documents they refused to give me the documents and said they are not authorized to give me anything because they made a mistake and file my taxes and i don't need any documents.

Instant Tax Service / 2011 taxes

Violet Pasternak on Jan 15, 2014

I went to instant tax service in 2011 to apply for a holiday loan i recieved 200$ with apay check stub i wasnt told i would have to pay 100$ for that loan until i went back with my w2 form to actually file my taxes then i had to pay almost 400$ for that. I was told my check would be there in 2 weeks it took 5 weeks to recieve it i called and called when they finally said it was there the lady told me it had been there the whole time they just didnt look hard enough. Well its now 2014 and i recieved a letter in November 2013 saying i owe the IRS 424$ for the year 2011 because they filed my...

Instant Tax Service - Ohio, Youngstown / misleading me in status of return

Marion C. Edwards on Apr 10, 2013

Ms. Lisa at instant tax service has been giving me the run around or no information at all concerning my amended return for a little over 2 months. she said she put it through in February only for the I.R.S to have no record of my school return. I am very displeased at the level of contempt for my concerns that Ms. Lisa has shown. I have on several different occasions tried to contact her only to be pushed off and not answered. I will never again use instant tax service and will encourage my colleagues to do the same.

Instant Tax Service - Ohio, Hamilton / fraud/scam

babyboi_1984 on Mar 4, 2013

Wow, never again will I go through instant tax service. Fraud, scam, robbery, whatever you want to call it...I was charged 700 dollars for tax prep and was told it would only be 250. I don't know how this company stays in business for real. Lesson learned I guess. I think its a shame how the corp offices allow this seeing how their are 100s of complaints and they don't even care. Wow

Instant Tax Service - Alabama, Birmingham / usury

2Disgustednow on Feb 22, 2013

This business is all about usury. They take advantage of people by not disclosing the amount they will charge you for their services. They will not disclose what they are doing while they rip you off. I found out late what they had done. After confronting them, they decided to charge me less than quoted, but once my money was deposited in their accounts, they played dumb and delayed my payment. I will go to the press with this if I don't get my money by next monday. Someone needs to stop these people from taking advantage of those of us who work hard for the little money we get back. It's not fair for them to get more money back than we do! I was charged $495 on a $623 return. Are they usurers or what???

Instant Tax Service - Georgia, Douglasville / took money, rip off, fraud

hotgrlilr2007 on Feb 4, 2013

I went here this year 2013 to get my tax down was quoted that it would be around 350 to file taxes. Well when i got home and stated adding number it came out to be $770. I called instant tax service and manager told me she was sorry and that she would give me a 50 discount. Well now state says they have put into my account but my account number doees not match account number on file. So now they have taking my state refund. Theses people gave me 1 piece of paper stating i filed my taxes and that was it. This has been nothing but a nightmare. These people need to be shut down. If there is a attorny wanting to shut these people down. Email me [email protected]

Instant Tax Service - South Carolina, Columbia / liars prolonged return

cokey2700 on Mar 1, 2012

Preparer filed my taxes without w-2, which enabled me to provide preparer with all of my documents to complete an accurate return on the first time. Preparer did not have my w-2, 1098, or child care. Received a loan from preparer, and preparer used that information to file taxes. This caused a huge inconvenience because an amendment had to be done when I actually came to file taxes, not knowing that they were already done. Preparer overcharged on preparation fees, and has yet to refund that to me as well. I was charged for a RAL when I did not receive nor ask for it. I was also charged other miscellaneous fees. I was unable to get direct deposit as well, and I feel that was a way for the company to scam me even more.

Instant Tax Service - Maryland, Baltimore / rip off

Kmccoin on Feb 6, 2012

Instant Tax Service recieved my state refund and now they won't give me my money. I have spoke to the State of MD who said the money was deposited 31 January. Here we are 6 Feb and I can't get my money. I don't know what else to do. I have contacted the Attorney General has anyone else used them and not gotten their money. I have thier routing number but not their account number. I know it ends in 2097

Instant Tax Service - California, Stockton / charge me for a loan I dint get

Jenney209 on Feb 3, 2012

So me and my husband seen a advertisement on tv about getting a 1000 loan sounded good because my husband just got laid of the week prior. So i told him go ahead and go a see whats its all about and come back and get me if we get it. Anyways the guy told him that there only giving 50 dollars out and that when he came back in to file his taxes he would get a loan for a 1000 so 50 bucks sounded great at the time .. well the guy that worked there let my husband sign for me not only that my id had been expired for for abt a year and he put in a fake issue date and exp date without my permison i...

Instant Tax Service / scammed, lied to, and ripped off

teeJay803 on Jan 31, 2012

My refund was filed using my last check stub, I was never told to submit my W2. As I understand, this is illegal? I have not received any paperwork from Instant Tax Service or any written evidence that I even filed my taxes with them. I was not given a breakdown of fees, nor did I sign anything and agree to their fees. My information was automatically submitted by their company and direct deposted into their bank without my knowledge on January 17th, 2012. (without a W2). I was promised an RAL, which I never received, but I believe I was charged for it anyway. Upon picking up my refund check...

Instant Tax Service - South Carolina, Rock Hill / rip off and liars

Betrayed and Lied to on Jan 31, 2012

I was referred to theis company by a friend, I went on thee 16the to get an early start on my taxes because theis is thee only day theat I was off before thee IRS opened. I was asked to choose an option for thee delivery of my return so I chose to wait 7-14 days. After filing my taxes I was told theat I was approved for a check, I got thee check it was $50 I asked what it was for NATASHA told me because whenever you file before 1/17/2012 you are automatically entered for a loan withe no fees associated (being theat I didn't apply for theis loan anyway). I was told my information wa...

Instant Tax Service - Florida, Miami / liars!!!

samant on Jan 31, 2012

I went to file my taxes this year. And i told the lady i want to kno how much i will b getting back first. She told me 6118.00 and with taxes and fees its will b no least than 5700.00 i said well what are the fees and taxes for. She said she dont kno but i will not be gettin no least than 5700.00. So my sister filled with them and she called to check on the status of her check. She asked someone about the fee and they told her they charge 634.00 to do taxes. I called them and told them one of there employers deceived me because when i asked her what the fee was she didnt tell me 634.00. If all...

Instant Tax Service - Michigan, Detroit / withholding tax refund

WANTMY$ on Jan 28, 2012

I went to get taxes done Jan. 12, 2012, t be submitted when IRS opens, received $50.00 instant check. when I asked about federal refund, no one could answer questions and refused to return my calls. Federal has hold from IRS, and though my state has been released to there bank; they are unable to tell me why after 3days - they don't have my check for me. I have been hung-up on, talked to shamefully, attempted to ignore me, etc..If anyone knows what bank they use - please post..

Instant Tax Service - Maryland, Baltimore / taxes filed without consent

noty on Jan 28, 2012

I applied for loan on dec 29... I was told I didn't get approve but they will give me 50 dollars... And the file fee is 527 so on jan 27 my sister was told they already files her taxes and she went to same place so I went online to check n she if they sent mines off and yes they did without my consent because I never singed anything... So I go the office where I received loan and young girl who did my loan said she put a hold on it cuz she seen I didn't sign... When I say pissed i'm passed that because I have 4 mire w2s that I have to amend which will take longer yes they waived fees but my money messed up n will be separate so i'm filing a claim and calling a lawyer monday morning... Never use this place no one

Instant Tax Service - North Carolina, Gastonia / lies, lies and more lies

Angel83 on Jan 27, 2012

I saw the advertisement on tv and went in for a tax loan, which was only $50. I went back to file my taxes and was told that I would get them in 12-24 hours. That was on a thurs., went back on friday and no check, went again on sat. B/c they said my check would be there, and again no check. They told us that it would be the following friday, and guess what still no money. At the beginning they told us that we was approved for the ral and now they are saying that we wasn't approved. They are now saying that it would be at least 10 more days. They also wouldn't give us any paper work until now, I think it is all just a scam. Don't ever go to instant tax service. Lesson learned.

Instant Tax Service - Indiana / disgusted

SO-DAMN-DISGUSTED on Jan 27, 2012

Ok I posted on here yesterday from indiana... Well I have more to add... If u read my initial complaint I stated that instant tax said they needed an e-mail from corprate to release my moms check so I called the corporate call center in ohio and the young lady was truthful with me stating that the staff in the south bend office told a lie and that corporate had nothing to do with the release of checks. She also stated that the staff was directing people to call corporate knowing corporate does not handle phone calls.. They are re-directed to a call center. So when I tried to call the office...

Instant Tax Service - Tennessee, Antioch / lies and swindlers

MAD AS HELL!!!! on Jan 26, 2012

They run these fake ads on the radio and tv about everyone gets approved up to $1000, that is a lie... I was in the store with about 20 people and no-one received over $100. And then they told me that my fees for filing with them would be $250, that is a lie too... They charged me over $600 to file my taxes!!! When I went to pickup the check they had an office full of people that were not happy with their fees!!! I thought that the cops were going to have to be called to restore peace in that store. They have false advertising and are scammers!!! I would not suggest that anyone use their...

Instant Tax Service - Indiana / lies

THIS_IS_CRAZY on Jan 26, 2012

I took my mom to file her taxes there this year because I did not have time to do them as usual. My mom saw the ad about getting approved fro up to 1000 dollars (Which was false) and she was approved for 50 dollars. We drove from elkhart to south bend for 50 dollars?? Then they made her sign something saying she would file with them. Well they told her her money would be in on the 16th of january (Lie because jan 16th was a holiday.. Nothing was open) then they told her the 26th of jan. Which is today and when I called they said they had to wait for an email to realease her check... What!!!???...

Instant Tax Service - Georgia, Stone Mountain / liars/theives!!!

AngryCustomer21 on Jan 25, 2012

I went in for there loan. I was told that since I have a dependent, I would surely get 1, 000$ loan. Well, yeah that was a complete lie! I was given a 200$ loan! When I got the loan I asked did I HAVE to file my taxes with them if I paid them the 200$ back, I was told no. Another lie!! I always file my own taxes and planned on doing so this year. I submitted my taxes and they were rejected! I called the IRS to find out that they had already filed my taxes!!! Let's just say I was extremely upset! I worked 3 jobs last year and they only had ONE of my W2's! I called them the week they...