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Insphere Insurance Solutions / agent misleading

Mar 09, 2016

Agent Larry Zenick mislead me signing me up for ACA he told me it was based on my income only . I asked about combined income and he said that was only if both my husband and I signed up for ACA. After getting my taxes done this year I have to pay back $5777.00 because it was based on combined income. I emailed him and he said he would get right back to me. That was over 2 weeks ago. I have left numerous emails phone messages and a text and he is avoiding me. This was effective Jan 1 2015 through Oct. 1 2015 when I went on medicare. I think him and the company should be responsible and pay me back. This caused me to lose a refund and have to pay almost $4000. in income tax.

Insphere Insurance Solutions / Employment practices

Jun 10, 2012

This also applies for the San Dimas, CA office as well since same agency manager. Impressive corporate website promising new agents (which I am not since in insurance field 10+ years but trying to expand services) extensive training. Office has all kinds of "awards" (company generated so impossible to confirm independently) claiming sales success. Interviewed with agency manager who claimed agents would be given $650 per month to help with business generation ("can be used as agent seems fit". Confirmed this with a newly hired agent). In reality, the company only wants this money used to buy...