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Insolvency Watch Complaints & Reviews

Insolvency Watch / credit

Jan 23, 2018

Disgusting credit company that just copies and pastes information from the NZ Insolvency government agency. The NZ agency does not expose anyone forced or voluntary into bankcruptcy online for 7 years like this eggnog Warrick Jones from Insolvencywatch. We all know where you live Jones but you don't have to treat NZer's like a piece of dirt. As long as you ta4nish my name I will tarnish you, guaranteed!

Insolvency Watch / Trying to get $$$$ for nothing

Oct 12, 2016

trying to get $$$ and knows nothing about anyone made bankcrupt. lives at 40 Maritime Tce in Auckland on the North Shore, has 3 companies with 3 different websites. I will publicise this idiot whilst he publicises me. If it takes another 10 years then thats what I will do. Game you play Warwick Jones, funny isnt it. I woud not pay a credit referral site any $$$ he is ripping companies off and has no information, the government do not treat people like this for bankcruptcy and I am not going to have Warwick Jones pull my name down. He used to be a hare krishna down Queen St apparently and now has 3 companies,,,, a fraudster

Insolvency Watch / Cyber Bully

May 20, 2013

Warrick Jones a Cyber Bully to children and their parents forced into bankcruptcy in NZ. Disgusting website of slander and defamation