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Inmate call solutions Complaints & Reviews

Inmate call solutions / Not honor refund when they cannot provide the service

May 05, 2017

I paid to get services and the jail stated that the number inmate call solutions gave me was blocked. Inmate call solutions continuously tell you that you are on the list for a refund, or their systems or down, or no one answers the phone and they say they are going to call you back; but never do. this is a fraud company and please do not use them.

Inmate call solutions / SCAM

Aug 01, 2011

I paid for 3 months of service. It was supposed to be 14.99 per month with a one time fee of $15. After paying for the service I was immediately told that the facility my where my brother was did not have a number to use...???...they said I would receive a refund within 14 business days..I called 3 times and every time these people told me to check my email and that the refund was in progress..It has been over a month now there contact number is always busy and the website is down..I cant believe this