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Imperial Majesty Cruise Lines Complaints & Reviews

Imperial Majesty Cruise Lines / Scammers and cheaters


I wish I had done a little research before I bought into this because one quick scan and I would have known immediately that this was all a big scam. I cannot tell you how many times on my answering machine, I had a taped message from Imperial Cruise lines with the ships horn blowing. I actually picked up the phone one day and was stupid and gullible enough to think that a quick cruise with my daughter would be a great way to celebrate her birthday and achievements at school. That date was 3-5-09, after having my daughter go and apply for a rushed passport, I called the company to book my...

Imperial Majesty Cruise Lines / Very misleading with no morals, basically a scam


Imperial Majesty did nothing but lie to me, mislead me, and cause me great frustration with trying to plan a simple honeymoon. My MANY many hours on the phone with them left me frustrated and desperate to take back what had happened. This is how my correspondence with them went: November, 2008, pm: I called Imperial Majesty Cruise Line Vacations, responding to a vacation offer I received in the mail to get information on the restrictions and stipulations. I talked with 3 different representatives, Dallia, Robert, and Christina. After a 64 minute conversation going between the 3 people, I agreed to...

Imperial Majesty Cruise Lines / Fraud and cheating


So My fiancee and I got a package in the mail with a voucher for free vacations from Imperial Majesty Cruise Lines to Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Las Vegas and Puerto Vallarta. All 2-3 night trips. We called the number and it turns out actually all these trips cost $798 and are not free at all. They offered us a payment plan, where we paid half the balance and they auto-debited our credit card over a few months until we settled the bill. Now the vacations are only good for 18 months, and since it was a 5 month payment plan we asked if we would be able to go on any of the vacations before we...