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I have noticed in my on-line banking statements, several electronic withdrawals being made by in the amount of $31.98. overdraft fees are adding up!!! I DO NOT know this company nor any of it's associates!!! Therefore, they have not had any permission to withdraw anything from my account. I want the overdraft fees of 140.00 replaced in my account AND punitive damages for the infliction of worry and pain of suffering due to having to replace the . That takes food out of my families mouth and causes the creditors that I DO PAY, to not trust me with checks, and now want cash or... - Ohio, Sandusky / Took money out without my consent!


I recently got on my banking online and noticed that there was 31.98 taken out of my account unauthorized from me. I called the company after i contacted my bank, they gave me the phone number to call and when i did, they said it was for a identity theft. But they had no right to take the money out. And you're talking about identity theft but what they doing? Taking money out of people's accounts without them knowing about it and some people may let it go, but I'm not one of them. This is a ripoff bigtime.