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ICS systems Complaints & Reviews

ICS systems - Minnesota, Saint Paul / Call several times everyday


This company calls me SEVERAL times, EVERYDAY. This is very frustrating. I called this company back, and they told me that they are trying to collect a debt from me. I told the lady that I wasn't currently able to pay anything at this time. She was very sarcastic, rude, and unprofessional. I told her that I understand, if they needed to call me ONLY once a day, but SEVERAL times every single day, is harassment. She told me, reguardless, they will continue to call me several times everyday. Her name is Michelle. Her extension is 6253. Hopefully, by filing this complaint, I will not continue to be harassed everyday from this company.

ICS systems - New York / Harassing phone calls. Rude, demeaning behavior


ICS systems have been harassing me for 1 months. they call my work, cell and home every 20 minutes. I talked to a representative tonight that was incredibly rude, and demeaning. Telling me that I was a loser for not making payments. This company should be out of service! I am paying my bill in full, luckily I am able to. But for the other poor people who have to deal with these folks.. Its awfull

ICS systems - Rhode Island, Chepachet / Harrassing Phone Calls


Credit card with Washington Mutual. Referred to ICS collections. ICS make harrassing phone calls and do not care of the reason one may be having financial difficulty to pay. I have spoken to within the last 2 weeks at least 6 people at ICS one of them being a supervisor or manager. When they ask why you haven't paid and you try to explain to them reasons they do not listen just talk over you. I have told them I can pay part of the monthly amount they are looking for not the whole amount and they indicate they can only accept the full monthly amount. When I ? wouldn't it be better to...

ICS systems - South Carolina, Aynor / harrassing phone calls and adding more to the debt.


The dentist that my daughter used turned the balance over ICS systems even though I was making payments on the balance. ICS systems added a fee to the balance of over $200.00 for collection and even after telling them not to call me at work they continue to do so. They also call at least 4 times every day. If I had the money to pay the debt. I would be more then happy to do so, but since she has turned over to ICS systems I have not paid on the debt, because I don't appreciate the harrassment when I was already trying to pay it off on a monthly basis.