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I sent in over 8 phones to them and they owe me an outstanding amount of over $120.00. every time i log into my account on their website online it shows all the phones i sent, how much they owe me, when they received the phones, and etc, . I look at the information about each phone and it says "payment still being processed". They have received the phones since September 2009, and it is already July 2010 almost August soon it will be a year since i sent those phones. Has anyone else had trouble with this company and if so did you get your problem solved and how did you do it, and can you... - California, Fountain Valley / Never pays for cell phones sent in


Here is the information everyone needs regarding this thief! Use this to report him to the BBB and contact the California Attorney Generals Office, which I provide below: CA Attorney Generals Office : 800-952-5225 CA BBB: "Lonnie Jones" owns about 44 other domains View these domains > is a contact on the whois record of 15 domains 3 registrars have maintained records for this domain since 1999-12-31 with 2 drops. This domain has changed name servers 8 times over 6 years. Hosted on 24 IP addresses over 6 years. View 254 ownership records archived... - California, Fountain Valley / Non payment /Rip-off


I sent LONNIE two phones in original boxes June 15, 2009 in my own box using their pre-paid label. I checked on the website several times to see if my phones were received, and they weren't. On their website, however, it states that this sometimes happens and to email them specifics about your packages. Well, I have done that ...several times. I have yet to receive anything back from LONNIE about anything. And it seems as though the email address for customer service is null and void. I have heard a variety of feedback about this "company" but I can only go by my own experience. And my... - California, Fountain Valley / Fraud and scam


So, I thought that I would get some extra cash for our old cell phones after switching networks. I looked online and thought I picked the right one, I had a slight inkling that it may be a scam so I took pictures of my phones and all info before sending. My phones safely arrived to ibuyphones at the beginning of December. I waited patiently until the beginning of January to contact them about the status of my order. No response. I sent another note, slightly more agitated, no response. Now, I like to talk directly to people who have done me wrong so I tried to find the phone... - California / payment never received


I sent in two cell phones in July 08 and was promised a check within 2 - 3 weeks and it is now January 09 and still have never received the check. Supposely they have mailed a check 3 times according to two different people, the last check was supposed to be mailed the end of December. I have filed a complaint with the BBB, but that did no good. I do not understand how a company can still be in business when they are actually stealing from everyone who is trusting them. I am really tired of messing with them, but I am sure all the other people who lost phones and money are two. I am not sure... / What a rip off


Mailed two phones to in there prepaid mailer. Contacted company by email two weeks after mailing phones to them. Received an email back that they probably had received my phones but they may have not been checked in yet and that they would hurry the process along. It has now been 2 months since I received that email and when I check there web site to see if the payment has been processed. It still list the phones as not received. Yeah right!! What a ripoff!!