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IBSN Complaints & Reviews

IBSN - Illinois / VA State Tax Return

Oct 16, 2012

I filled Yr 2009 Tax returns with IBSN & recenlty received the tax audit note from VA state tax that my VA tax return could not be located. I am pleading with Laxmi & all other email ids she sent to help me resolve the issue or share me a copy of tax returns so that I can prepare but I am not getting response. I am currently in China & have no access to my paper records & lost soft copies. Their IBSN website is also not working so that I can download & do research to find where is the issue, none of phone numbers reachable. Folks if any one has some idea on how I can get more help, please guide me.

IBSN - Illinois / IBSN is Fraud Compant who Lures customers

Oct 4, 2012 To Mr. Laxmi Paleypu IBSN cheats all its customers after collecting the Money . They run fake contact numbers and email addresses on their website I have been trying to reach IBSN since April 2012 after i paid the money. So far no one responded to any of my calls or emails. Many of my friends in my office are close victims of IBSN . They have rasied a dispute with the Credit card dept for the transactiosn made through IBSN. I even sent my relatives to the Vijayawada branch office (IBSN INC Corportation, c/o...

IBSN - Massachusetts, Boston / Incorrect tax filing and zero audit support - completely fraud / company closing down

Jul 28, 2012

Its not a surprise that this company is now infamous for cheating customers and providing zero support. The person in charge Laxmi Palaypu is himself in agreement of the quality of service offered, he can't even make his own employees work for him and is seriously considering shutting down his business. Friends keep away from IBSN. Read this email trail. From: LAXMI PALAYPU <[email protected]> To: Cc: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>; Tax Audits <[email protected]>; "[email protected]" <[email protected]>;...

IBSN / Fraud and irresponsive

Jul 24, 2012

I have an audit from IRS for year 2010 and I have been trying to contact IBSN for 1 month now. Nobody seems to respond form their end. Now the IRS is saking me to pay a penalty of $5000. why doesn't the US governement take some action and prevent such companies from doing business?. Laxmi Palyappu is such a fraud. Laxmi - Instead of eating up innocent people's money like this, please start a business with your mother, sister, wife and possibly your daughter too. I will be a customer for sure.

IBSN / Tax representation fraud

Jun 5, 2012

I want to report a very serious issue against IBSN and would like to request all readers to take a note of my case and refrain from dealing with IBSN. I filed my tax returns with IBSN for 2009 and 2010 and in 2012 I received audit notices from IRS for both 2009 and 2010 years. IBSN initially considered to represent my case and asked me for 300$ to transfer to their account for some charges related to some deductibles to cover the cost of my case representation. I transferred 300$ to their account but after that they stopped representing my case and now I had to pay nearly $3000 in additional...

IBSN / Fraud company IBSN

Apr 2, 2012

Anyone who intends to file taxes with IBSN: DO NOT GO with them. They are frauds with no ethics. Despite paying the representation fee and everything they didnt come to my rescue when my file was audited by IRS for 2009 and 2010. I had to pay all the dues out of my pocket. The IRS audtior told me that they are watching this company. Tell to your freinds and spread the word about this fraud company. Laxmi Paylapu is the one who runs this company.

IBSN / Negligence towards customers

Apr 20, 2011

Hey Laxmi, I hope you can help me getting out of this IBSN trouble. I have been filing my taxes with IBSN from last 4 years. This year my experience was horrible, IBSN shown me that I suppose to owe $3900+ to the IRS. I said thats fine.. and I pad tax filing fees $130. On the 4/16/2011 (Friday) I got message from IBSN that my tax amount increased to $4500 and my state tax decreased by $60. I had no clue how these amount increased by $500 so I start calling all the numbers given on the IBSN site. No one picked up call. I called up on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday till 12 pm. I made...

IBSN - Illinois, Moline / Horrible,Unprofessional,Delayed,Not Trust Worthy

Apr 8, 2011

I have been IBSN customer(I18109) for last 5 years. I had mixed feelings. Earlier, when IBSN was in its initial stage they offered good service and was very prompt in provide service and filing returns. I had bad experience during 2009 filing. IBSN team never replied to my queries on their website. I could not get them on phone as well. I had to penalty $1900+ and tried contacting IBSN through emails and phone but failed. Finally, I ended up paying penalty as IRS was sending multiple letters. I requested IBSN, to file my taxes diligently. This year, I was not prepared to my taxes on own...

IBSN / Review

Mar 22, 2011

Hello I was going thru this chain of messages in this Board. My intention earlier was to try the service of IBSN, now that i changed my mind because of these messages. This being apart, I truly appreciate the responses of Ms. Palaypu in an attempt to fix things. I understand like any other organization, which in the intial stages has a teething problems and this goes the same with IBSN. But I really appreciate the courage and entrepreneurship of Ms. Palypu in succeeding this venture and Wish her all the BEST. May be few years from now they would be fine tuned and there would be more customers like me who would be willing to utilise their service.

IBSN - Georgia, Atlanta / Worst Customer Care

Mar 16, 2011

I received the worst ever customer care from IBSN. I had to teach IBSN folks about the difference between regular tax filing (1040) and amendment filing (1040X). Though they have 10 different contact numbers and 5 mail ids for support, I never received response from any of them. If you are lucky enough to get hold of a folk on line, he will hung up that he will get back but they wont. I have pasted my last mail communication to one of their senior official as escalation after months of follow-ups but even he turns out to be a dumb. Finally I had to call bank to dispute the transaction and get...

IBSN - Florida / Paid for FBAR filling, got errored DOC ONLY


I am an IBSN client since 2007. While filing for the TAX year 2009, i paid the full amount for FBAR filing also. I was contacted by IBSN with FBAR documents last week. There were mistakes in the document so that i wanted IBSN guys to correct it and upload the document again. I am trying to reach IBSN mutiple times through mail & telephone with out any success. Since i didn't here back from IBSN I personally perpared my document and sent it to IRS and I requested to credit back $45 which I paid to IBSN for FBAR filing and they never respond back to me. I have no clue what kind of phone...

IBSN / termination of employees


To all dear who are working in the ibsn company(it's a big fraud company) Dear Lpp&Geetha, First of all I want to ask a question regarding about your company recruitment. On what basis you are recruting the employees and on what basis you are terminating the employees. Ok if suppose if you are terminating the employee's on merit or performance basis, then once you can imazine the performance of the below employees at present who is working in your company. Nagu prasad, suresh konduru, satish konduru, naresgh, subryamanayam, deepak, kuldeep, nawaz khan, nageshwara rao, sujatha...



Refund: You paid extra on your land value tax. To whom it may concern, Our database shows that do to a glitch you've been charged extra on your land value tax. amount: $258.36 please click the following link to get the amount into to your bank account. Reguards, Internal Revenue Service. This forces the people to click on the link and then takes to IBSN website. They ask to pay 400 US $ from NRI and US citizens. They are FRAUDS. CRIMINALS and MUST BE BEHIND BARS. IF US citizens and GOVERNMENT do not put these SCAM makers into bar...

IBSN - Connecticut, Hartford / Regarding my payment refund


Hi This is about IBSN tax services . I lost my patience and putting this complaint. This company filed my tax filing for year -2008 and I payed 435.81 USD for processing fee. But later I changed my mind and asked to file with another option in Tax summary which costs processing fee of 135.82 USD. The remaining amount is not yet returned back to me. I called custome service lot of times. Alwayz it is same response as they are working on this. But till now I didnt get my money. I sent an e-mail also and no response. Really pain with these least they could have responded to my e-mail...donnoo wats stopping them to re-pay my money. I have sent three e-mails to These guys and number of times phone calls...

IBSN - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / NO RESPONSE


I have received a notice from State Tax regarding additional information on some expenses. I have already paid Tax representaion fees just to make sure that in case there is some issue with my tax filling IBSN will be solely responsible to look into the matter and provide the relevant documnet and or information. And, during filling I have be assured that IBSN will take care of anything and everything. Now, I have been trying to contact the IBSN folks over phone but they are not responding..I have at least given 4 voice mail but all in vain. Then I escalated the issue through the Notify...

IBSN - Connecticut, Enfield / Refund of overpaid fee


Hi, I have been calling IBSN for the past two months and about 8 calls later I have still not got the fees that I overpaid. Every time I call they keep saying that they will send the payment to paypal in 48 hours but I have not yet got the fees. Regards, Prashanth.