IBM Lender Complaints & Reviews

IBM Lender / Nobody answer the phone


I have called two times and received a voicemail for Jason Lupo. I've left him 2 messages yet they can harrass me on a Sunday evening on my cell phone. I have 2 offers for a short sale of my home and the buyers are about to walk away because this lender service is taking way too long. My mortgage was sold from Chase. This lender is terribe. They keep dragging their feet and the fact that I cannot get a person on the phone really makes me nervous and angry. Jason Lupo call me back please. now. thanks.

IBM Lender / Harassing phone calls


My First Horizon mortgage has been sold twice. MetLife never called me to ask "where is your payment?" MetLife never called to "introduce" themselves. MetLife never called to *not" leave a message on my voicemail. And MetLife never called on a holiday weekend to "remind" me that they have yet to receive my mortgage payment. On Monday, Sept 6, at about 9 am, IBM Lender Services called me. I pointed out that this was Labor Day, that it was a federal holiday, and that I was on vaction. The young man persisted. "Did you mail us your check?" This is Sept 6. On Sept 15 it would be late. That'...

IBM Lender / Fraud and deceptive practices


This company receives mortgage payments, takes 20+ days to process and post them to the account, then charges a late fee to their consumers. So if you make payment on the 1st of the month, they get it on the 3rd at the latest, then they take 20 (more more) days to post it. So next month, you get a statement and there is a late fee on it for a payment you made on the 1st. This is deceitful and unfair! My mortgage was purchased from Chase in 2017 and I have had nothing but headaches with IBM Lender ever since. Wondering if anyone else is having these problems?