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Ian Travel Services Complaints & Reviews

Ian Travel Services - Wisconsin / did not pay hotel

When we called Hyatt Regency for room reservations we were unknowningly diverted to Ian travel services whose representative acted as if she was a Hyatt representative. Ian charged our credit card $1320.48 to reserve 2 rooms for 3 nights. When we arrived at Hyatt there were no room reservations for us. When we called Ian we were told that they would pay Hyatt so we stayed after giving Hyatt our credir card # as normally required. Now Hyatt charged my card $1426.74 for the rooms and Ian keeps hanging up on me when I call to question them. Once their rep. discovers why I am calling we get...

Ian Travel Services / unauthoriized amounts


I booked a room through three night on 28, 29, 30 DEC 2009 . When my credit card statement came through there were 4 separate amounts, both listed as Ian Travel Services. AS FOLLOWINGS. Those were not unauthoriized amounts. 2009-11-23 CIC EN LIGNE ON-LINE OTTAWA ON $100.00 2009-12-18 CIC NHQ OTTAWA OTTAWA ON $30.00 2009-12-18 CIC NHQ OTTAWA OTTAWA ON $30.00 2009-12-19 IAN Travel Services 800-394-1454 TX AMT 97.19 UNITED STATES DOLLAR $106.61

Ian Travel Services - Oregon, Corvallis / Unidentifiable charge

IAN Travel Services charged $98.68 to my account. I have have never dealt with them. They do not answer their 800 number to explain the charge. How do I deal with this?

Ian Travel Services / Rip off - Credit card charged without reserving through IAN Travel Services

I reserved a single room for 3 nights at Borghese Art Palace Hotel in Florence with but credit card charged with EUR 360, - with ref. IAN Travel Services!!! I cancelled my room 48 hours before departure with but they answered me that I shall cancel it with IAN Travel Services!! So as understand it is impossible to recover my money! But why can not reiumburse me!! Is their web side so unsecured? Has anyone recover its money? and how? Please help me!!!

Ian Travel Services / Cancellation of reservation

Dear Sirs, I made a reservation at the Borghese Art Palace Hotel in Florence for : - a single room from 22nd Sept. until 25 Sept. at the name of Philippe Buhler - reservation number at the hotel : 178941846 I tried to cancel the reservation beginning of Sept. because on that period we still are in Sicily. But the hotel confirmed to me that it was effected through but confirmed that the reservation has been made through IAN Travel Services. EUR 360, - have been debited with ref. IAN Travel Services. Is it too late to cancel? It has effectively been made throug your agency? Best regards, Philippe Buhler

Ian Travel Services - Massachusetts / Unauthorized Charges


IAN Travel Services charged me over $250 and I have never even heard of them. I booked my hotels through when I was in Prague. I notice that another victim of IAN Travel said that it is a subsidiary of and maybe that is how they got my credit card number. There are also a lot of scam artists in Prague and it seems that there are foreign branches of so that might also be how they got my information.

Ian Travel Services - Texas, Dallas / false charges

This company put over $7000 in fake charges on my credit card, including $4500 on Air France and $600 on Delta. When you try to call the reference phone number from the credit card statement (800-394-1454), you get a non-descript phone tree system announcing that you've reached the "Customer Care" dept. After several tries, and finally getting a live person, I found out that the 800 number belongs to, which owns IAN Travel Services. The only advice they gave was to call my credit card company, which I did. Watch out for this company. They are being flamed by many unhappy rip-off victims.

Ian Travel Services / credit card debited without flight


On 13 Mai I booked via Internet a flight for 22nd July 2009 from Stuttgart To Brussels ; stopover in Zurich; Return flight was booked for 7th August 2009 from Brussels to Stuttgart. Credit card number had to be given; e-mail-address as well . Several days later the Travel services informed me via e-mail that the flights can not be executed. Nevertheless the amount of 188, 85 Euro was charged on my credit card. Due to travel absence I could not read the receipt of my credit card comapny in time. The amount was fully charged to me though no service was delivered by IAN Travel Services.

Ian Travel Services / [redacted]


I booked a hotel room on, which at the same time, used the network of Finally, a month later I got my credit card report which stated that I had been charged twice the same amount of money by IAN TRAVEL SERVICES. Then I found out this latter company is specilized in ripping off people. I was amazed that I had been charged twice, as a wrong duplicate charge by this IAN TRAVEL SERVICES, if I had to pay just once, and in any case, to, not to or to this IAN TRAVEL SERICES. I have found out this companies have a lot of complaints for charging people...

Ian Travel Services / Debited my Amex Card but Never Booked any Services!

ATTENTION: PREVIOUS COMPLAINT ARE MEANT FOR IAN TRAVEL SERVICES Hye there, My boss's Amex credit card (Muhammad Zainal Ashikin) was charged USD408.64 on 28th Oct 09, USD843.18 on 30th Oct 09 & USD562.12 on 31st Oct 09. Total USD1813.94 But the questions is he never booked any services with IAN Travel Services. I'm sure this is completely fraudulent. Please sent/email to me, the details of this transactions ASAP. Please double check on this & make sure this could't happened again. Thanks & regards Farah

Ian Travel Services / fraudulent debit

I booked a hotel and not only did I get charged for the correct amount, an extra amount got charged by IAN Travel services that I did not authorize. This is completely faudulent.

Ian Travel Services / Credit card has been debited but did not make any booking with the agency

Credit card has been debited but did not make any booking with the agency. I booked hotel through and flight through Continental Airlines home page and in addition of confirmed payments there was a separate extra 581.32sek (~$75) for IAN Travel Services which wasn't included in either of the reservations. I saw there were other complaints concerning IAN Travel Services - I wonder if anybody has got any explanation or solution?

Ian Travel Services / I never booked with IAN Travel

My visa card was charged 490, 56 €, but I never booked any services with IAN Travel Please repay that amount of money.