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IADT Complaints & Reviews

IADT - Illinois / Unprofessional

Feb 3, 2012

This letter was written to the Director of Admissions after a ridiculous 2 week period of complete unprofessionalism and frustration I enrolled in IADT on January 23, 2012 with the hopes of working and returning to school to finish my BFA. I am now withdrawing my enrollment. I understand from the Enrollment Agreement under “Cancellation” that “All requests for cancellation by the Student must be made in writing and mailed or hand delivered to the appropriate campus location noted on the top of the Agreement.” My decision to withdraw was based on an obvious lack of...

IADT - Maine / shutting down?

Jan 21, 2011

Be very careful if you are enrolling in IADT or IADT Online. I spoke to a guy (Justin or Jason, I think) there and he told me that the parent company had layoffs of over 700 people this week. He said this is because they had undercover people act as students and it showed how they were doing things wrong and people found out and now no one is going there. I am going to call their accreditor and ask about this because I dont know what to think about the school anymore after talking to them. One minute everything is fine and the next minute its shutting down. Be careful and take your time before giving them your money or the money you get from the government (financial aide). Does anyone know what is going on there?

IADT - Florida, Orlando / SCAM SCHOOL


I graduated in 2003, me and my boyfriend went and graduated from that school, by the time we found out it was bad we were almost done and our choice was waste all the money and not even have a paper to show for it or graduate, the money was spent anyways.. my credit is shot, I feel like I will never own anything, my boyfriend is now my fiancé and we will never get out of debt and be able to have a life because of this school.. We were young and they made so many promises and said that we were going to have jobs as soon as we got out of school.. I am looking for people who are in the...