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Hyperstreet Complaints & Reviews

Hyperstreet / payment not received

Oct 17, 2017

I paid for my domain name on sept 29 th 2017 I continued to receive emails from hyperstreet stating non payment. I have emailed them with copies of my paid invoice and left telephone messages but they continued to send me emails regarding the cancelation of my domain name for lack of payment. No one has returned any of my correspondence and my webpage has been removed. I am furious

Hyperstreet - Alberta, Calgary / Rude Tech Support

Jan 15, 2014

I received info about my regular hosting company, GoBigMedia, merging with Hyperstreet. I have a web site hosted and web builder with GoBigMedia. I received an email saying I had new user names and passwords and to follow the links provided. I attempted to do so, but nothing worked. I couldn't find my web page or make any changes to it. I was very unhappy about this, and submitted a ticket stating so and why. The tech support, Karin, was very condescending towards me and questioned if I could read or follow directions. The instructions she provided were not correct either. I submitted a...