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hydrolyze Complaints & Reviews

hydrolyze - New Jersey / Unauthorized charges

Apr 09, 2011

I made a purchase of eye cream and than cancelled before recieving product. I was told to not open and return. Without my knowledge or authorization their partners in crime started charging my credit card for products and services without my consent or knowledge.


Feb 22, 2011

The product was ordered from a tv ad. the product was to be mailed but would not be charged to your account if returned before the 31of the month.I returned the product In the middle or the month all I was to pay was 7.95 to be charged to my credit card.they would not take a electronic check or a debit card only a credit card.I see now that was so they could charge for postage and the productt also they also said the would send a beauty book free.After returning the package I was charged for the product and 59.65+ 7.95 for postage 24.95 for beauty book two charges for 1.50 ea they said for...

hydrolyze - Louisiana / Overcharged & entered into a program

Feb 09, 2011

On 1/30/2011 I ordered the risk free trial of Hydrolyze. I was supposed to be charged $7.95 for shipping. When I received my package I was surprised to find 3 bottles of Hydrolyze and an invoice for $138.85. I checked my credit card and they not only overcharged me for the trial but also billed me for $1.50 twice for YourBeautyAdvisor. I had no idea who they were. I called and explained to them what had happened and they said I had ordered the 3 bottles and also joined the program of YourBeautyAdvisor. This is a Hydroxatone program also. I told her I only ordered the trial and never joined the...

hydrolyze - Florida, Palm Coast / payment

Jan 27, 2011

I ordered the free trial and was charged 132.00 the very same day. I fixed my problem of refund because they illegally took money not autorized. They gave me a refund withinn 5 days. When you call you must tell them that if they do not refund your money you will get a lawyer and charge them for credit card fruad because that is what it is. trh this and you will get your money back. don't send the product until you recieve your refund and give them a deadline of 5 days. good luck and never give in to thier scheme of things, keep control, after all it is your money.

hydrolyze / unfair practices

Jan 19, 2011

Purchased product back in November or 2010 cancelled in December of 2010. the representive did not inform me that the products had to be returned. Then in January I was hit for 69.95. After calling them about this deduction from account, i was informed my money would not be returned. I was informed by representive to return the product. Hydrolyze feel they have no responsibility to inform their customers when they call to cancel to return the product. Second there is no way to use up to two bottles of this stuff in 30 days, and they know that. This is how they get their customers. This company...

hydrolyze - Virginia / ripoff


What a ripoff and a hugely expensive one at that. The so-called "free" trial is not free at all as they ship two containers of the product and then bill you a month later, even after you have repeatedly canceled future shipments. An affiliate company, Urban Nutrition, sends coupons in the order for "free" samples (NO BILLING) and I made the mistake of ordering "Venacura" andthe invoice enclosed with the order indicated $0.00 due. However, two months later, a charge shows up on my credit card. I contacted the company five times by email, and finally received a ridiculous response (and I quote): ...

hydrolyze - Texas, New Braunfels / It is not free! 2 containers @ 69.95 ea


I responded to an ad in May 2010 which was for a free Hydrolyze, under eye treatment from Hydroxatone. They sent two containers, not one. I was billed today 8/4/2010 for the two containters @ 69.95 ea. The person I spoke to from this company was also very rude. Please let everyone know that nothing is free; you will get charged! The small print is you have 30 days to return or you will have to pay which I didn't catch. I learned an expensive lesson.

hydrolyze - Iowa, Des Moines / Doesn't work


I ordered the TRIAL of Hydrolyze then received three jars of the product in the mail, and my account was charged for $147+. I have used one whole jar of Hydrolyze, and still have dark circles under my eyes. I think Johnson's Baby Cream, or Mary Kay Hand Cream does more than Hydrolyze. I need a refund of my purchase. Please locate the transaction on your records and issue a refund. Thank You. Paula J. Rother 3935 29th Street Des Moines, IA 50310 Cell phone: 515-249-3225 Home phone: 515-274-6677

hydrolyze - Missouri, Kansas City / Unable to cancel, aggressive marketing tequnics


One: I have ordered it after hearing the ad on a radio and made a compulsive call(slap on a head), while ordering a trial, the sales rep was pushing a ton of other "goodness", including a "premium fast" handling and shipping. Of course as I tried to get the details, she was talking over my head with her sales mambo jumbo, and I actually repeatedly told her to stop with no noticeable effect. So anyway I decided to proceed to the end to try to make sure I haven't got all the extras. Two: After the call, with an already a bad feeling, I went online to figure this one out, and stumbled across the...

hydrolyze - Illinois, Oregon / Cannot Cancel


I tried the product for 26 days as it says on it's ad to return before 30 days. The product did not work removing my dark circles. So when I called, the first person said he had to transfer me to customer service. The second person said that he had to transfer me to customer service. I said that I thought he was customer service. He said "Oh No, I'm not" and really quickly gave me another phone number and hung up on me. When I called that number, it was for Verizon Wireless. Then about a couple of days later, they charged me $69.95 which I cannot afford and is way overpriced for that little bit of cream.

hydrolyze - Illinois / Billing & Customer Service


I called several days before I returned the product that I tried. The same month and the month after that I got billed for the products. I called them and asked them why they were still billing me and they said that they did not get the products back but I did return it. The sales rep instead of being helpful seemed really impatient and was not being very helpful as to how I could get my money back. The product was not cheap. The next sales rep told me he was doing me a favor when I asked for my money back when he said he can give me some refund but not all. They also keep sending me product...

hydrolyze - California / Did not receive product


This company is running a scam! I ordered my product and did not receive it. They claimed (lied) that I put the wrong address. I offered to fax them my copy to show the correct address that I entered from the internet.. they put on a 'phony manager" who said they could not help me. I too was given a tracking number- the post office showed they had sent the product back to the not only did they recieve my money they got back their product. SHAME ON HYDROLYZE FOR RUNNING A SCAM-BUSINESS IN AMERICA--OR MAYBE IN SOME THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. I want my money back for the SO-CALLED...

hydrolyze / billing after order cancelled


Company has to continued to send products after I cancelled in July. Stop sending me your product and stop billing me.