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Husky Complaints & Reviews

Husky - British Columbia, 100 Mile House / gas station clerks

Jun 2, 2017

I use to buy thing at Husky gas station here in 100 Mile House, British Columbia, Canada. These two store clerks were so rude, it was very sad. I would never buy anything at Husky never again and everyone should stay away from this gas station. These two clerks still work there, very shocking I wrote Husky company twice but they never did nothing of my complaint. Stay away from this gas station and shut them down.

Husky / Power washer

May 2, 2012

I bought two of these a couple of years ago. One for me and one for work. I used mine 2 or 3 times and then it started leaking around the handle like crazy. I took it apart, put it back together and made sure it was tight. Still leaked. The one for work never got used, so I borrowed the sprayer and hose. I got about 20 ft of sidewalk done and then it started leaking just like my original sprayer. Ridiculous. Needless to say, two up, two down, I realized it was a design flaw. Can't believe it went through product testing and it never had any problems. Or more likely, it was tested with...

Husky - Maryland, California / Power washer 1800 /1500

Feb 2, 2011

i bought 2 husky power washers less than 2 yrs from home depo and have had nothing but problems with them..water leaks.motor doesnt work.plastics wands tips stripped off. treads on water inlet stripped.clooged up wands..soap dispenser does not work.this product is made out of cheap plastic..i own a 1100 psi for 15 year before i bought the husky..they look good but perform very poorly.all sort of tire going to home depo so i gave up..washers are still in garage looking good and taking up space..shooping for a new power washer today..not at home depo or to say a husky.i have spent more time repairing them than i have use them..

Husky / Powerwash 1800


I purchased a Husky powerwash 1800 at the end of the summer season, therfore I didn't use it until the following spring. At that time I had new siding installed so I didn't need the soap wand for anything. I used the regular wand and things went well. The following spring I wanted to try the soap wand and it just leaked water everywhere with no pressure at all. The wand was cracked. I went to Home Depot and explained the problem, they told me to go to the manufacturer which I did. I was told it was out of warranty. At the time of purchase, I paid Home Depot for an additional warranty...

Husky / Bad service


I have had this power washer for approx nine months and have used it 4 times last summer (max). I drained and stored it properly last fall (in my warm basement), and, when I took it out this past weekend, the handle leaked like a cheap umbrella. I called (or chatted with) my friendly Husky Customer Service Rep who informed me that, while the power washer was warranteed for 3 years, the handle was only covered for 90 DAYS! He then so graciously offered me a replacement for $40 plus shipping. First of all, a loaf bread in the fridge lasts longer that 90 days. Second, using their logic, it...